The inspiration for this project came from stevebod and the bicycle sidecar he built: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Bicycle-Sidecar/

After seeing stevebod's build, I immediately became intrigued and knew I had to build one for myself. There was only one problem: I don't have a child to ride in my sidecar. I do, however, have a dog named Dewey who would love to go on bike rides to the dog park. So with this solution, I began building my sidecar!

I built mine to be adjustable and pivot like stevebod's design but mine isn't exactly the same. I didn't need to make mine as sturdy as his because mine would only hold a 15lb dog, not a child. I also wanted mine to be able to be quickly attached and detached without the use of a wrench. I also had the goal of building it without welding mainly because I don't have the supplies for welding and I don't want welding to intimidate people who want to build this. So with that, let's get to it!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Metal
    • (18") of 2"x1" rectangular aluminum
    • (64") of L-shaped aluminum
    • (4") of thick 2" wide steel strip
    • (12") of 1" wide aluminum strip
  • JB kwikweld
  • Black Plasti Dip (can also be bought at home depot)
  • (2) J-bolt style Gate Hinges (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • 16" Bicycle Wheel
  • Wood
    • 1/4" plywood
    • the thinnest plywood you can find
    • 1/2" plywood
    • 1x2 lumber
    • 1x3 lumber
  • Hardware
    • 1/2" long lath screws
    • (2) Cotter pins appropriate for a 1/2" shaft
    • (8) [3/8" x 1-1/2"] bolts with appropriate lock washers and nuts
    • (6) [3/8" x 2-1/2"] bolts with appropriate lock washers and nuts
    • (2) [1/4" x 1-1/2"] bolts with appropriate lock washers and nuts
  • Gray spray primer
  • Flat black spray paint
  • (1 quart) flat paint for your sidecar
  • (13" x 28") 3" thick cushion foam (I got mine at a local upholstery supply shop)
  • (1 yard) vinyl faux leather (I got mine at a local upholstery supply shop)
  • (8') 3/4" polypropylene strap
  • (2) 3/4" metal bolt snaps
  • (2) 3/4" metal slides

*Before we begin I would like to note that I have written this instructable in the most logical order in which you should build this sidecar. However because it was my first time building this sidecar, I didn't build it in the most logical order. So you may notice some things are painted or finished in photos before we have even gotten to that step. This is because I have reordered everything to make it as logical and easy as possible for you.

<p>I'm encountering some difficulty with locating the J hinge bolts, can you provide a brand name and model #, or their dimensions.</p><p>Thanks for such a great project.</p>
<p>I apologize for not responding, I didn't realize people were commenting on this still. I found some hinges that may work on Amazon: http://amzn.to/292XTEn</p>
<p>How do you get the cotter pin in with that closed end?</p>
I had to drill a hole
<p>I can't seem to find the J-bolt hinge that is open on both ends so that you can put the cotter pin in. I have checked Home Depot and online but nothing. Any links?</p><p>Thanks</p>
I found some hinges that may work on Amazon: http://amzn.to/292XTEn
<p>Hi. Canada here. I'm currently riding a recumbent trike. For safety doubters here, I use a tall/long plastic rod, from it's top a flashing light PLUS long, flappy &quot;CAUTION&quot; yellow plastic tapes. Possibly I'll need to worry if/when they start handing out driving licenses for the BLIND. (Also have red/clear reflectors, lighting, etc.) So I'd def. be looking to add... stuff to this dog sidecar. :)</p>
IT WORKS!!!! I made some changes as I went along but all in all THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GIVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!
<p>DUDE AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you made it! How's it holding up? Still working great?</p>
<p>I like the license plate!</p>
<p>I seriously thought the sidecar was made out of metal. Great job!</p>
<p>Thanks you!</p>
<p>I'm encountering some difficulty with locating the J hinge bolts, can you provide a brand name and model #, or their dimensions.</p><p>Thanks for such a great project.</p>
<p>This must be the UK version. If the cars drive on the right side of the road then the sidecar should be on the right not the left. That is unless you want your dog hit by a passing car. :) </p>
Or you just let your dog run, every dog I have had loved to get out and move.
<p>Love the fact you used Doggles (pet version of goggles)for the dog. My Chihuahua wears em too to stick his head out the car window, or ride on my motorbike between my legs on the seat. If I made him a side car he would probably love it. </p>
<p>My Chihuahua rides in his Pet Carrier, from Kariagan, Just can't get him too keep his Doggles on, but he does wear his helment. </p>
<p>Nice work Trav and incredibly cute, being a dog owner myself. Just wondered why the sidecar is on the left and not the right as recommended by the original ible for the usa? Am I missing something?</p>
<p>I just put it on the left side so it doesn't interfere with any of the gearing of the bike</p>
I guess that would be ok for a dog, but it would expose a child to danger from traffic trying to overtake?
<p>Yea that's true so I generally ride on a bike path. But I'm sure you could figure how to put it on the right side even with the gears of the bike. Maybe use a single speed bike also.</p>
<p>If it can be done on the right side of the bike with a SS bike it can be done with a gear hub bike, like a Nexus7 hub or similar.</p>
<p>My dog is at least as loved as my children, You make it sound like &quot;oh well, it's just a dog, so it doesn't matter if it's killed in traffic&quot;,</p><p><strong>Not</strong> nice.</p>
<p>I would not put my dog in it in the USA with right hand side driving. I just think it's dangerous - dog/child/whatever.</p>
<p>Decades ago I built a side car for my kids (so we could take them along on bike rides). Had to put it on the left side due to the chain, shifters, ect. I was a bit worried for USA traffic side exposure so we only rode on bike paths with no cars allowed. People thought &quot;Cute.&quot; But we also received a few complaints from other bike riders in the trails that we were a hazzard...no explanations, just casual bad-mouthing. We never had an accident, nor did we cause one, though.</p><p>BTW...xcellent instructable. Thanks, enjoyed it.</p>
<p>I'm in love with this!!! I have 3 Great Danes and a Border Collie I have got to figure out one big enough!! </p>
<p>You will need a tandem with a a bigger sidecar ... or ... maybe let the dogs pedal and you sit in the sidecar ? ;)</p>
<p>That looks awesome</p>
What if i put a 249 cc (9hp) motor in place of a passenger. What do you guys think would happen?
<p>Ha! Build it...then make your instructable on how.</p>
<p>just try :p</p>
<p>I love this. But even without welding I think it is still beyond me. </p><p>For safety you could put a tall flag on a flexible wire on the left side of the dog-car to make sure it's visible to drivers, plus add some reflectors. </p><p>If I were ever to attempt this, I think I'd look for some sidecar kit that had the hardware for attaching to the bike and then go from there. It's that part of the build I find the most intimidating. </p>
<p>Very nice! :) Great idea and good instructions.<br>Some nice copies too.<br>I once made a trailer for our two Scotties as we wanted to do some cycling while on holiday - basically a 1x1M flat steel (3x25mm) frame with a 6mm ply base dropped in and bolted to tabs, two large clear oblong plastic storage bins (sans lids of course) per dog with cushions and straps. Lots of &quot;ahhhs&quot; as we cycled and two happy dogs! It had small wheels to keep the dogs noses safe (large wheels would have given a better ride) and the tow bar was a steel tube running in an arc from the seat post. A jointed bar from the rear axle would have been better (had to re-weld due to fatigue)<br>The Jack Russell rides in my wife's basket (supports down to the front axle and secured to yoke) Again many &quot;Aaaahs&quot; as he chills while out riding.<br>Talking of which.... Your dog can get cold just sitting there, makes sure it can stay warm.<br></p>
<p>so cool! :o could it transport a person? or at least a child?</p>
<p>Do you think it would be difficult to convert this to carry a child? I really hate pulling a trailer because I can't see what they are doing (my kids goof off a lot, just like they're I did at that age - haha!). Just curious. Thanks!</p>
<p>Nice! :{)</p>
This sidecar is fantastic I am going to attempt to build...Thanks
<p>I thought about doing something similar using black iron pipe. This looks much less expensive than that would be. I'd want to get it on the right side though. Just have to figure out how not to interfere with gearing and pedals.</p>
<p>where did you get your bike wheel? can you use any type of wheel?</p>
<p>You need air in your back tire.</p><p>Looks like Dewey really likes it.</p>
<p>See if you can find a bulldog hood ornament from an old Mack truck.</p>
<p>Need to add a couple of reflectors on the back.</p>
<p>I'm interested in giving this instructable serious consideration, i have a 15 lb chihuahua terrior mix who might enjoy accompanying me while i ride...into down and we can get some things from the store and go for a bit of a walk. Would you be able to estimate a cost for supplies purchased? Great Job!</p>
<p>How cool! My dog would love this! I like the goggles on your dog, but I could never get mine to wear those.</p>
<p>This is really funny!</p>
<p>Very Nice!</p><p>This is my version..</p>
<p>This is so awesome I just had to put it on the homepage :) </p>
<p>My pug likes his ride too. I can't say the word bike without a response from him. Mine is a 55lbs+ trike and is to much transport so I am thinking of going over to a light sidecar. Thanks for the post.</p>
<p>can anyone build one for mobility scooter lightwieght not too expensive for terrier size please title subject &quot;sidecar&quot; to vampirehunk@msn.com ty</p>

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