Picture of Bicycle Spark Shooting Technique
Do you want to show the neighborhood kids who is really boss?  Are you ready to wow all other cyclists at your next midnight ride?  If so read on and I will share the my secret bicycle spark shooting technique with you.

Step 1: Step 1. Get a spark plate

Picture of Step 1.  Get a spark plate
This instructable works on the principle that when flint is dragged on the pavement it will leave behind a shower of sparks.  So where can we find a flint-like material up for the job?  Your local big-box retailer!  I picked up some Razor X spark cartridges for this project.  They are meant to be mounted on the back of a Spark SK8 board.  As I don't ride skateboards, I needed to figure out a way to attach this to my bicycle.
marteen14 months ago

...classic, next midnight ride for sure.

_ART4LiFE_1 year ago

cant find this any where lol.

togo19191 year ago

These are being sold as Tail Devils these days - my son has one on his skateboard!

Toga_Dan3 years ago
Could you attach that or a similar apparatus to your kickstand so as not to sacrifice functionality of your shoes?
omnibot3 years ago
The same can be accomplished with the flints for/from lighters.
ilpug3 years ago
Because everything is better with sparks! I like it!