Picture of Bicycle Toeclips
Toeclips are great and all, but they do inevitably wear out when cycling on roads. Here's a design for some made from nylon webbing and a off the shelf straps. All you need is the webbing, a sewing machine and the knowhow to use it, and a couple of cable ties.
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Step 1: What you need

For a pair of toeclips you will need:

1m of 50mm nylon webbing.
1.5m of 40mm nylon webbing.
(quite easy to adapt to different widths of webbing, but that's what I happened to have around)
Thick black thread, synthetic if possible.
2 x toe clip straps, such as these from Zefal
2 x 4.5mm x 200mm cable ties.
The attached layout file, printed out if possible:
toeclip.v0.1.svg(1295x720) 33 KB

Step 2: Cut webbing to shape

Picture of Cut webbing to shape
Cut the webbing as shown in the attached layout. I used dress pins inserted into the webbing end on to help mark the points to cut to.

Seal all ends by melting with a flame to prevent fraying.

Step 3: Sew together

Picture of Sew together
Sew the two pieces of webbing together as shown in the layout and photos. Use a zigzag stitch near the edge and do two passes for toughness. Tie off well. There are two joins to sew for each toeclip.

Step 4: Sew the loops

Picture of Sew the loops
Both ends of the webbing assembly need to be doubled over to form loops for the strap to pass through. These should be done squint as shown in the layout to allow the toeclips to sit in the correct fashion.

Pin as shown in the picture first and again, do two passes for toughness. Tie off well.

Step 5: Fitting the toeclips: the cable tie

Picture of Fitting the toeclips: the cable tie
Take your clips to the bike. Orient the pedal as shown, with the slot for receiving the strap at the bottom of the pedal. Take one cable tie and tie as loosely as possible (on the first few clicks) through the front of the pedal such that the opening is oriented upwards or forwards, as shown.
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