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Introduction: Bicycle Tools - Tool Box

I am a professional bicycle mechanic and as I work out of different location through out the year, I need to take my tools with me.  As nice as it would be to have them all hanging in my shop all the time, that doesn't work for me.  I also built a portable stand that goes with me.  The instructions for that is also available here.

I went to Princess Auto and bought a Machinist's wooden tool box.  It is an 8 drawer chest and it works perfect for my purposes, hope it will work for yours. 

Thanks for looking and check out my other posts.



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    This is a very nice box mate... =)

    I love to fix bycicle too. and i dream with a tool box like that, congratulations.
    That box remaindsme a tool box made by campagnolo like 50 year ago...

    Thank you. It works great for my purposes. Hope you can find one. Thanks for looking and commenting.

    Love this !! been riding bmx for a few months and all ready know how important a good tool box is... i love all the compartments :D

    Thank you, you're right about a good tool box. Love to be organized. Hope this will help you.