I made this a couple of years ago, well before I knew about Instructables. I think it's a perfect topic: making something extremely useful from recycled parts / pieces. This is the kind of thing I've seen on BMX bikes.
Have you ever got cable pinch on your mountain bike, from where it sits in the bike rack on your car? This top tube protector will put an end to that!
Just so we're on the same page, I've added the anatomy of a bike in the picture.

Step 1: Ingredients

- an 18 inch long swatch of fabric that you won't mind seeing on your bike; this is the outer fabric.
- An 18 inch long matching piece of cordura nylon, or other durable fabric. This is the inner fabric, and should be able to take a lot of wear.
- Fabric widths may differ from bike to bike, due to length and circumfrence of the top tube.
- 1 inch Velcro hook and pile; as much Velcro length as fabric length.
- A piece of closed cell foam, like the stuff camping sleeping pads are made out of. I used a slice of my RidgeRest foam mattress.
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- A sewing machine, although it can be hand stitched.
Make ensure you instal the pump on the underside of the protector.. Assuming it is for the protection of body parts..also. padding on the vertical frame might be in order in case the pubic bone connects in a forward motion.<br>Do you learn how to fall from your bike, as with a motor cycle?
well, someone should comment. Good instructable, and congrats on having a missus that sews. My only suggestion would be that, rather than use closed cell camping pad foam, you could get pipe insulation from a hardware store that has the same inner diameter as your top tube. It already has a slit cut in the side, so you cut it to length, make it look pretty, and protect the holiest of holies. and since it holds it shape, the velcro *might* not be required to keep it on. Again, great instructable, and happy riding!<br/>
Pipe Insulation. No Doubt. Easy, Cheap, Plentiful. Use on any part of the frame
lol, I rocked a top tube protector on my bmx bike when I was 12. after seeing your instructions, i can relive my childhood!
I see you have a Norco, what type is it? Great Idea!
I got an old bicycle inner tube and wound it about the top tube ensuring that there was about a 59% overlap and secured each end with a couple of BIG cable ties. Works brilliantly and doesn't hold water.
I gotta say I'm a bit disappointed I was hoping for a tube top made from a bicycle.

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