Picture of Bicycle Trailer Hitch - Quick Release hose coupling.
I saw this design on a folding bike and thought it awesome. I used to hitch my bike trailers with a lashed inner tube, but this is faster and more convenient. Works very nicely.

Step 1: Obtain necessary hose and pneumatic release components.

Picture of obtain necessary hose and pneumatic release components.
1 x male 3/8"
1 x female 3/8"
1 x 3/8" threaded coupling.
hose to fit tight on 3/8"
2 x hoseclamps
donkeyknee2 years ago
jamesk8912 years ago
Would this set up , work on a trailer that has 20 inch bmx wheels mounted in bike suspension forks , and where the actual bike trailer frame is just below the level of the rear bike rack.
Great idea!!! Thumbs up.
jimboe553 years ago
Why does my trailer sway from side to side behind my bike?
I found out that I had the wheels in the center of the trailer, causing it to be almost perfectly balanced. This was causing it to sway from side to side. I moved the wheels farther back, putting more weight on the tongue. This solved my problem.
BillBiker4 years ago
Just wanted to help here and say that , in step 4 and 5, if you were to clamp the area to be drilled flat with something it would be alot easier to drill :)
armflower4 years ago
this is a great idea. I know more than a hand full of folks that have been trying to figure out alternative hitch ideas,. thanks for the post..

also if you had any idea what happened after i read this <3
Can you show or explain how you used to hitch with a lashed innertube?
maxwell9 years ago
I've been working along the same vein, i'll have to post how i built my hitches, here's pictures, on my second trailer i used a 3/8" drive rachet u- joint instead of a hose, way less surging than the hose.
I like that!! Just go to Harbor freight and pick a cheepee up!
That's a good source for a UJ: I'll remember that one. Trying hard to think where I'd get an aluminium one: any ideas?
chrishvid6 years ago
It might be worth adding safety lines through both the maie and female ends (one attached to the bike around the screw through the pipe, and one attached to the handle around the screw attached to the handle, which could be tied together and stuffed into the interior of the connection upon joining, to ensure fail-safe strength in case the whole assembly pulled apart (unlikely)...
I really dont see it ever coming apart. (yes, you are right VERY unlikely) I used to work with air tools all day fulltime at a auto repair shop (and at home) and they never came apart unless we wanted them to. This was with us putting that connection unde various stress all the time, snags, twist, bumps, drops, etc.
yoyology5 years ago
 Would this work with garden hose quick-releases like these?
dinomak5 years ago
Anyone who has or is building a bike trailer will find that the biggest dilemma is a connection to the bike with an easy range of movement for turning.   This is a fantastic idea, but are the hoseclamps strong enough to hold when pulling a heavier load?   I'm sure they are if you really crank em in tight, but seems like they might slip off.  Have you had any troubles?
JerryMopar5 years ago
I really like your design! In the I tried this with regular radiator hose, and the hose fatigued and fell apart, making the trailer gooseneck fly into the rear wheel and break at least 5 spokes as I ground to a halt. The pneumatic coupling is a excellent idea! You will be seeing this on my 2nd generation trailer.
That's the coolest idea I have seen in a long time. Fixes so many issues with the trailer smacking the tire... Nice job.
Pandymoose6 years ago
thats ingenious...........
SureShot6 years ago
Very cool, I'm going to use this as a starting point for my first trailer. I'm thinking of going with one of those plastic foot-lockers so I can lock it up.
hensonkid9 years ago
Excellent! Do you have any trouble with the trailer (when loaded down with frosty beverages or the like) coming to a stop? I'd be worried about it bashing into my back tire. I think I'll give this one a try. All hail the grocery-bike.
saul (author)  hensonkid9 years ago
it was a problem at first because the hose was too long. I shortened the hose by cutting and reattaching and then it was fine.
hi, im just starting a trailer tonight, got an idea for a joint with 2 skate wheels, has to be realy strong for my purposes, guess i will use it about 300 days a year with some sacks of cement and plaster and all my tools and my ladder, gee I hope I can pull it off, cant afford an 8 freight yet and I dont cant get a new one, Kinda thing I need st you back 350 euro not dollars. well I will put some photos if it works bye;.
johnpr7 years ago
neat post, i'll have to keep this in mind
CStanton7 years ago
I looked at the title and said "yeah right" I read the instructable and now say "hell yeah" Nice job. +2.
wow what a cool idear i like this! will it tow a fully loded trailor? how strong would this be?
crevis799 years ago
How much weight can you carry with this setup? could this setup be adapted to work on a chainstay attachment?