Picture of Bicycle Trailer Hitch (to Luggage Rack)
Here is how I made a strong and permanent hitch for my bike trailer.

The trailer is a Bellelli Eco Trailer Maxi which I modified (with a little woodworking) to a luggage rack level hitch. Why? The original seat post hitch did not adjust high enough to ride level - and I hate seat post hitches, as they get in the way when mounting/dismounting (men's frame).


Also, the rack-mounted trailer hitch does not obstruct the rack (and space above), leaving it free for panniers and (er) luggage.

When not towing, the eye bolt is a convenient and strong point to tie off luggage straps, bungees etc.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

  • Eye bolt (mine was 6mm diameter)
  • Nut x 4 (to fit the eye bolt)
  • Washer x 4 (to fit the eye bolt)
  • Pair of rail clamps from an old bicycle saddle
  • Spanner (to fit the nuts)
  • Hacksaw (maybe)
  • Some strips of inner tube
Ideally, the eye bolt should be as thick as possible, whilst still fitting through the holes in the saddle clamps.
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Fabulous instructable!
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Brilliant reuse! :D
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Very clever men, continue with more bike instructables like this :)
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