Picture of Bicycle Trailer - Yakima CaddyYak Hack

I know what you are thinking - "Geez, another bicycle trailer?" There are a bunch of great bike trailers on Instructables, I know because I studied (here's the COLLECTION I created). I studied because I've been wanting to build one for years. As luck would have it, I just traded a bulky office partition for a Yakima CaddyYak. This is actually quite a nice kid transporter and, as I recently learned, Yakima does not build them any longer. This trailer folds up into a neat little package and will hold up to 100 pounds. I'm going to strip it down and rebuild it for my own purposes.

Reasons To Own A Bicycle Trailer:

  • Yard Sailing in the neighborhood.
  • Journeys at Burning Man - ice gathering and day/night trips.
  • Cruiser ride - KA-Boom Box and beer cooler transporter.
  • Groceries.
  • Grass clippings and yard waste - I don't own a wheelbarrow.
  • Beer runs.
  • Scavenging.
  • Picnic in the park.
  • Kids grew up.


  • Removing the nylon cover and keeping it intact for later use.
  • Removing the child seat - I had to cut it off.
  • Attaching to my bike - The CaddyYak requires that you use a special axle to clip onto your bike wheel. The axle was not included in my trade. I'll think of something.
  • Creating a floor bed - The vinyl was the floor bottom and I want light and sturdy metal for the base.
  • Servicing the wheels, tires and inner tubes.
  • Adding safety lights and reflective gear.
  • Making a new flag - Ms. Zoid has volunteered for this task.

I had trouble finding information on my new trailer so I called Yakima, the nice lady on the phone sent me a PDF of my model (which I have shared on this page).

Yakima CaddyYak Hack


  • I added LED lights to my trailer for a nighttime cruiser ride with my friends. You can view it HERE.
Quanah1 year ago

I've been wanting to build a trailer for years also, also haven't found one for the right price to redo for my needs.

Tater Zoid (author)  Quanah1 year ago

I looked for a while and scored one just by chance. I listed an item in my local facebook classified group page and it turned out that someone had a trailer to trade. It was pure luck, I guess. I've seen them at garage sales and on Craig's List but they were often out of my price range. Keep looking and I'm sure one will turn up. Good Luck.