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Another bicycle trailer I built for my son. This was built with the left over frame parts of the other trailer I built.

The wheels were off a bmx childs scooter. The axle is a M10 threaded rod. Body is 5.5mm plywood.

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After joining the three parts of the child carrier trailer frame together and placing the wheels, I made a floor in two parts as I did not have a piece of ply large enough. Then I screwed it to the frame after drilling holes in the frame for the screws.

Step 2:

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Next I cut the sides and cut the wheel arches out. My son preferred this style to my other one a box inbetween wheels. Plenty of screws and glue to make it strong and sturdy.

Step 3:

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This step I made internal wheel arches. Carefully measuring and cutting. I then put the sides on the base and screwed all around so there are no panels not attached to each other. The wheel arches have been screwed and the joints sealed with silicone sealer incase it goes out in the rain. Nothing inside should get wet from road splash from the wheels. It needs a lid though. I have left the painting to my son. I dont know what colour he will paint it. He loves the style of it. I have made a hitch for it from a shopping trolley castor with the wheel removed and fitted it to a bike rack. I have yet to fit it to my sons bike. I will update with pics when done.

I have made both of my trailers from one child carrier trailer and a sheet of 8 x 4 plywood. Extra wheels came from a kids scooter (I bought one for my granddaughter but she didnt like it).


cyclist200 (author)2017-09-01

Awesome! I'm planning on going on a bicycle travel trip on my road bike one day and I need my own trailer for my bike so I can carry spare parts just in case I break down.

ianpallen (author)cyclist2002017-09-02

Thanks. Easy to build. I have taken the 'drawbar' off as it was flimsy. One day, I will make a better attachment bar. Unless I take it to bits to use the wood for something else. :).

cyclist200 (author)ianpallen2017-09-02

When you get another bar on there, will you make another instructable on how to do it? If so, I'll be waiting.

ianpallen (author)cyclist2002017-09-03

I will. :)

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