Picture of Bicycle Truing Stand & Dish Tool
Full view of truing stand & dish tool

Step 1: Truing Stand

Picture of Truing Stand
Simple angle frame constructed & attached to plywood platform - cut angle for axle insert.
Wheel shown with tire on - other views will show tire removed.
tony33770 (author) 4 years ago
Good luck- I'm putting together some photo's together of a second truing device which is a console type rather then a bench type, in using this new one I find it comfortable to work with.
Look for it in the next couple of weeks.
Hallmar4 years ago
Can i use a bike's fork too as a Truing stand?
tony33770 (author)  Hallmar4 years ago
Yes you can - I think there is an Instructable that shows a fork being used. Remember you need a caliper or equal to true the rim.
Good Luck.
I have built another truing stand I will post soon - it is a "bench" type (console) I find to be easier to perform the truing & dishing procedures.
Yeah now that i read your idea. I'll build one for myself because i'm a big fan of bicycles and tools.