Picture of Bicycle Tube Belt
In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a belt out of an old bike tube. This is a very easy last minute gift idea.

My uncle loves fixing bikes. He gave my a whole box of old bike tubes to play around with. This is one of the things I came up with after seeing different versions of belts online.

Btw. you can find some amazing belt buckles around Instuctables, e.g. "Custom Belt Buckles", "Bioshock Belt Buckle in Bronze" or "I Heart Bacon Buckle".

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Stuff you need:
  • old bike tube (one with a 4 cm width works best)
  • sewing machine
  • thick yarn (I used the type you use for leather)
  • belt buckle
  • Press fasteners
  • super glue
  • hole punch
  • stapler

rush_elixir2 years ago
nice one
xero.inc2 years ago
Nice idea, but doesn't smell the Belt very bad?
BrittLiv (author)  xero.inc2 years ago
Thanks, it doesn't smell at all. I put it in the washing machine before wearing it for the first time, but just to clean it once again.
yoyology2 years ago
Great idea, and extremely polished results. Well done!
Brillidea2 years ago
I been wondering what all those inner tubes could be used for, though of some ideas but this seems really doable. I kknow it's not recycling as such but I think I would prefer "O" rings as the belt loops so as to avoid the staples which could come undone.
BrittLiv (author)  Brillidea2 years ago
Ahh they are called belt loops? I was wondering how to call them. I like the idea of using O-rings, though the stapled ones are very durable.
In truth I have no idea what most things are called I used to work on my todd a lot and tools existed as that thing over there which made life fun teaching, my fellow teachers were positively nuts when I said sand paper rather than to glass paper. So who knows, if you know what I mean thats about as good as it gets.
Mrballeng2 years ago
I'm amazed at how nice this turned out. Great work.
BrittLiv (author)  Mrballeng2 years ago
Hi, just pm me your belt size and the colour you would like the stitches to be and I will make you one.
:) :) :) :) :) You don't have to tell me twice. Thanks!!!!
triumphman2 years ago
Where can I get those belt buckles ? Perfect stocking stuffers. Info. please! Send me a private message. Thanks. Triumphman.
BrittLiv (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Hi, I got them on ebay. Just search for "nightmare before christmas belt buckle" or "batman belt buckle"
wow great idea!
ray742 years ago
Very creative.