Make Your Bicycle Sound Like a Motor Cycle - Turbo Spoke - Twin Version





Introduction: Make Your Bicycle Sound Like a Motor Cycle - Turbo Spoke - Twin Version

A simple DIY project

Step 1: The Initial Setup

an L angle was welded to the bicycle.

measurements given are indicative. pl improvise according to your need for the bicycle dimensions

Step 2: The Resonance Duct and Amplifier

I took a 32 mm pvc L angle coupler and took two small pieces of 32 mm pvc tube. refer measurements in the photo given. drilled three holes in the smaller one. one hole at the base and two through and through for securing the Rattler

Step 3: Positioning and Fittment of the Resonance Duct

Step 4: Making of the Rattler

I used an old pvc dusting powder bottle for the white plastic strips.

Step 5: Fittment of the Rattler to the Duct

Step 6: The Twin Version

I used a hinge to eliminate the welding work.

I hope the images will be sufficient enough to explain how to do it. of course sky is the limit for improvisation of this pesky noise maker. kindly share your improvisations .



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    Haha amazing idea! my kids will love this

    I wish there was a video of this so we could hear it roar. :-)

    able to add video after a bit of struggle sir.

    That's awesome! My kids would love something like this on their bikes.

    Where were you when I was 7?

    @lugnutt73 : "OMG" i thought it wouldn't interest anyone. :)

    @lugnutt73 : "OMG" i thought it wouldn't interest anyone. :)