Introduction: Bicycle Wall Mount From Pallet Wood

Picture of Bicycle Wall Mount From Pallet Wood

So my Bicycle was always in the way and so I fix it.

Was a Project that i did you the fly no planing aside, well plans who need thems :P

Let you imagination go and do it !!!!!

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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need

* Pallet wood


*wood glue


*threaded rod

*lock nuts

Step 2: Cut Wood and Glue the Boards

Picture of Cut Wood and  Glue the Boards

Cut the Wood to a size that you can glue together

Step 3: Glue Them Together

Picture of Glue Them Together

You can use this tip tho glue them

Step 4: The Side to Hold the Rod

Picture of The Side to Hold the Rod

Cut a shape to hold the rod and with enough space to the iron move

Step 5: Make 2 Equal Holders

Picture of Make 2 Equal Holders

I used a router to make 2 pieces alike

Step 6: Scrap Iron

Picture of Scrap Iron

Make sure you use something that strong enough to hold the bike. I used a scrap Ironbar

Step 7: Strength for the ROD RWaaarrrr

Picture of Strength for the ROD RWaaarrrr

cut some wood bolcks to use as spaces and add strengh to the threaded rod

Step 8:

Picture of

Glue , pre dril and add some screws to the sides

Step 9: Drill the Holes

Picture of Drill the Holes

Put some holes as you like to attach it to the walla

Step 10: Lock Nuts

Picture of Lock Nuts

Put the lock nuts on the threaded rod

Step 11: Back Tire Wood Support

Picture of Back Tire Wood Support

Use a scrap piece where you can you the back tire and thats it

Step 12: Attach to the Wall and DONE

Picture of Attach to the Wall and DONE

Last part is put it where you want it :D and put the bike in and there you home made bike wall mount


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-12

Nice. I need something like this in my garage to save some floor space.

that was exacly my tought

teaMJPx (author)2016-11-12

that's awesome. now to make this a double hook or even a quad for our bikes... jejeje

thanks for sharing.

TrashWoodshop (author)teaMJPx2016-11-13

Thats a good idea but the threaded rod should be thicker for sure

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