If you have a small living space and an even smaller kitchen, fitting everything into your kitchen cabinets is a challenge. A hanging pot rack saves space and keeps you from having to constantly organize, but they can cost $100 or more. Luckily, you can build one yourself for less than $20 using a few parts from the hardware store and an old bicycle wheel. Besides being easy on the wallet, a bicycle wheel pot rack is eco-friendly because it saves old bicycle wheels from the landfill. Whether you live in a modern industrial loft or a quaint townhouse, a bicycle wheel pot rack is perfect for anyone who needs a little more space in the kitchen. Here’s how to make your very own.

Note: Although not essential, it is helpful to be familiar with basic building tools such as wrenches and a power drill, both of which are necessary to constructing this rack. If you have never used a power drill, it may be helpful to read an article on how to use a power drill (such as ehow.com/how_12062_power-drill.html)before continuing.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Simple parts found at any hardware store are used to hang the bicycle wheel from the ceiling. You will need:

(1) bicycle wheel, cleaned to remove grease and dirt, with axle and tube removed.
(1) 7" x 3/8" carriage bolt
(2) 3/8" jam nuts
(1) 3/8" coupling nut
(1) 3/8" threaded hanger bolt with half metal threads and half wood threads
(2) 3/8" washers
(5) 3" S-hooks

In addition to these parts, you will need these tools to install the rack:

(1) Power drill
(1) Adjustable crescent wrench
(1) Ladder

Other helpful tools:

1. Paper towels and cleanser to clean the bicycle wheel.
2. Newspaper to cover your workspace and protect floors from dirt, grease, and drywall pieces.
3. Stud finder
<p>This is extremely cool and great tutorial! </p>
Since pots won't always be evenly spaced around the rim - wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to place a circular disk of metal or wood between the ceiling and the top nut to help disburse weight/pressure on the ceiling?
my wife is gonna kill me if i make one of these!!! thanks for the instructable. awsome idea. i have a bar in the kitchen with lights in the middle. think this would work there as well?
Just wanted to say thanks for your post. Easy to follow instructions and great idea. Great alternative to the $200-$300 pot/pan holder sold in store. Found the used bike rim in the classifieds for $10, and the rest of the hardware cost around $11 at home depot. Thanks!
This is a cool idea!!!! Thanks for posting this. I will try making a different use out of it though ;)

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