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Introduction: Bicycle Bell Doorbell

Here's a doorbell I made from a bicycle bell. It is reasonably simple to do, it works well, and looks pretty good too. If you want to make one yourself, you should be able to work out how from these photographs, but I can put up more detailed instructions if you would like. Or even a video, if I can work out how...



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    Thanks for your comments. I think the best way to show how it is attached would be to put up a few more pictures, and the best way to show how it sounds would be to put up a video. I'll try to do that this week if I get a chance.

    My original plan was more ambitious, and included having a bell on each side of the door, with a mechanism joining them. But this type of bell is surprisingly loud and it turned out that you can hear it indoors just fine as it is. So I didn't go ahead with my more ambitious plan in the end. Maybe someone else will give it a go.

    How did you mount it to the door? Thanks

    Yes looks great, but should'nt the bell be on the inside and the lever on the outside so you can hear it from inside.

    Definitely need more details - it looks great.

    (You can upload videos to YouTube, then embed them here.)