Hello guys and girls, this is my first instructable. Do you have a wind-up torch that doesn’t work and a bicycle with bottle dynamo that you want to led-relight, then this instructable will be very easy and no cost to do!

I have a 25 years old fixie that I love to ride. It had a classic system of lights with bottle dynamo, but bulbs burned out on one speedy downhill night ride some years ago. I was going to quickly replace them and don’t know how, but quite a few years went by :) When I found that you can put leds instead of classical bulbs, I wanted those and even there are great instructions on the web how to do this, getting all the parts and making these circuits, was not something I was keen to do. I wanted something simpler, something to use that I already had and no cost. So I found a wind-up torch in my drawer that doesn’t work any more and searched the internet to see is it possible to use it somehow. I got a lot of information about wind-up lamps and how they work, but couldn’t find this exact project (I’m not claiming there isn’t any, I just didn’t find it).

So, what’s the goal? Connect an old bicycle bottle dynamo to a wind-up torch and while pedaling it needs to light up.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Things you’ll need:

- 1x bicycle (the one that you can mount a bottle dynamo on)

- 1x bottle dynamo (I used the one that was originally on my 25 years old bike)

- 1x wind-up torch with rechargeable battery dead (when it’s switched on it still needs to light up while you are cranking the crank, but doesn’t save power)

- Some very thin electric cable (I used the one that was already on my bike for the old lighting system)

- Some screwdrivers


- Soldering iron

<p>darn, I wish I had one of those dynamos. I remember back in the day....</p>
<p>Great Work.. </p>
<p>Very cool! It's important to have lights on your bike if you're riding at night</p>

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