Step 16: Buying and Selling carts

Picture of Buying and Selling carts
I have been working on this design since the spring of 2004. I'm hoping people will be excited about making carts for themselves, but I know some people would rather buy them. If you need a cart and can't build it, email me, and I'll try to connect you with people making carts or build you one. They should cost $100 to $150, for parts and time. So far, carts might be available around Northampton, MA, San Francisco, CA, and San Diego, CA.

If you want make these carts to sell, go ahead, but please include a link to the Instructables page or a copy of the fabrication manual from bikecart.pedalpeople.com My goals are to increase car independence and empower people through fabrication in their communities. Let me know if you sell these carts, and what you think about this project. If you build a cart for yourself, let me know how it goes because I'm continuously working on the design and feedback is useful.

One of the more time consuming parts of cart fabrication is finding wheels and tires and making the plywood bed. One way to spread these bike carts might be to build and sell just the cart body, and let the user find and mount wheels and plywood.

If you want to make a bike cart but can't make a hitch, I will send you one for the cost of parts, postage, and the time for making it (cost is $20 in 2006. $6 for the hitch, $2 for metal stock, for $4 for postage, and the rest for time and gas). I want to increase the accessibility of this project. For more information, contact me at bikecart@riseup.net. These hitches are compatible with Bikes At Work trailers.
st_indigo3 years ago
Hey Aaron, great instructible, and good job with the documentation of the build.

I ordered a couple 14" wheels from Surplus Center with the intention of making a bike trailer and wanted to pass along the link. They have over 2000 in stock, and they are cheap, durable, and non-pnuematic.


The only issue is that they are hub-less, and would need a well-greased axle (9/16", I believe), though long bolts would probably work just fine. The design of the cart also would need to be modified for the smaller wheels.