Bicycle cargo trailer--200 lb capacity, $30 for parts


Step 5: Fabrication of the parts: One rib and two wheel weels

From the third piece of 1/2" EMT (10' long)

*Cut another piece 38 1/2" long, which will be the second rib. Mark and bend this rib like the first.

*Cut two pieces 38 1/2" long, which will be the two wheel wells.

***NOTE: If you are going to be using rear wheels for the cart, and don't want to take out the spacers (with hub adjustment), you should add 1 inch to the length of the wheel wells, and cut at 39 1/2" If you don't add length, but use the wider rear hubs, the wheel wells will have less of a slope downward and will be a little weaker. (To visualize this, think about the wheel wells as a part of a structural triangle, from the back of the bike cart looking forward.) You can use any combination of front and rear wheels as long as the diameters are within 1/2".

*Mark the wheel wells at 3/4" from each end. Bend into "U"shapes, as shown.

***Note again. If you added an inch to the wheel wells above, mark the wheel wells 1 1/4" from each end.
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