Step 7: Fabrication of the parts: Handle and third rib

Picture of Fabrication of the parts: Handle and third rib
From an optional fifth piece of 1/2" EMT

If you don't want a handle, you can save some time and money by skipping the fifth piece which makes an optional third rib and the handle. The handle adds quite a bit of versatility and usability to the cart.

*Cut a third rib that is 38 1/2" long. This is a nice piece for easy attachment of the bed, but is not necessary structurally. Bend at 5 3/4" from each end. Position it where it fits at the back of the cart, mitered where it connects to the main frame and in contact with the spine.

*Cut a piece 72" long. This will be the handle. Mark and bend the handle 26" from each end into a "U" shape. Make sure that the angles are 90 degrees at each bend, or the cart will have a visibly crooked handle.