This is my inscrutable on how to make a lamp out of an old bicycle frame and a few extra bits. I made this lamp for my design and technology class so certain parts were done in a rush!

What you need:

An old bicycle frame
A few meters of wire
Light bulbs and fittings
Two wheel hubs
Small chain ring)


Hack saw
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters/strippers
Belt Sander
Screw driver
Sand paper
(Or a paint stripper)

Step 1: Getting Started:

First off remove all the parts needed to get down to the frame alone including the cups on the head tube, using a flat head and hammer will do the job. then place the frame in a vice and get to work at sawing of the down-tube and seat stays. When cutting try and get as close to frame as possible to cut down on the amount you will have to file down at a later point. Also if there are any cable guides on the frame now would be a good time to cut them off as well.
I love bikes and making lamps--what a perfect combination! Thanks for the inspiration!
Glad you like it!
Question: did you consider low-voltage AC (for safety reasons) or perhaps even rechargeable batteries to power your lamp? Batteries would fit perfectly inside the frame tube and they would provide enough energy when using an LED.
I did consider battery powered lights but I wanted the filament style bulbs, and felt that LED lights wouldn't quite suit the lamp
Two questions on the electrical connections: did you ground the frame itself as well or did you only connect the ground cable to the lamp fitting? Did you apply a strain relief to the cable?
The ground only went to the light fitting. Well no I didn't know about strain relief's at the time but I know that the wire wasn't too tight around the corner etc.
Nice design. Your lamp matches very well to the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Bike-rim-chandelier/" rel="nofollow">Bike Rim Chandelier</a>!
Most excellent! I think the old-fashioned Edison bulbs would look even cooler on this.
Thanks! That is a good idea, I should have thought of that.
That looks great I have an older bike perfect for this
Awesome post some pics if you do it :)

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