Bicycle Frame Recycled As Plant Hanger





Introduction: Bicycle Frame Recycled As Plant Hanger

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Instead of throwing out an old bicycle frame, I found an interesting use for it.: Garden plant hanger .

I removed the seat and handle bars.

Spray painted the frame with Rustoleum.

I welded a supporting frame and attached that to where the wheels would attach.

I used an old pipe wrench as a plant holder attached to the front of the frame and and old socket wrench attached to the seat post.

Then the whole thing was placed near our rock garden/pond and flowers were hung on it..



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    What if you were to figure out a way to hook the bicycle frame up to a hose and drill tiny holes in it to also water the plant? I think you have a wonderful project here as is. :D Thank you for posting it.

    Man, every time I walk into the recycle yard... Well, I know what I'm doing on my holidays! Thanks for the idea, should keep me out of trouble (for half an hour)

    FAB Recycling idea. Detailed, well-thought-out Instructable. VERY WELL illustrated and easy to follow...FIVE Star Project!