Step 1: Lay Out Base.

To make a rack that can park bikes on both sides attach three cross members across two base pieces. We used skis (185cm)for the base pieces and 32" treated 2x2's for the cross members.

Place the center cross member in the middle of the skis or other base pieces. Position the other cross members 14 1/2" from the center cross member.

Drill countersunk screw holes on the bottom of the skis or other base where the cross members attach. If you use skis, scuff up the slick tops where the cross members are screwed and glued. We used Elmer's polyurethane glue and decking screws.
I really like this! How did you make the chair from skis? I just got some old skis that I want to turn into a coat rack. I am not very good with making stuff, so it is taking me quite a lot of thinking on how to do it.
Wow! Cool
Very nice project. I was going to say it looks like you're in BC, but then I saw Alaska in your profile. I was close.
Most excellent Toxic Tom. I just so happen to have a bunch of skis & poles. This will be my next project. Very clear and concise instructions. Many thanks.

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