Bicycle repair stand (made from old weight stands)

Picture of Bicycle repair stand (made from old weight stands)
I've picked up quite old sport bench and weight stands from local recycling centre (two quid for whole lot!!)
After some time I discover that stands are completely useless for me, so I decided to keep the bench
and make bicycle repair stand from the stands.
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Step 1: At first of all project.

Picture of At first of all project.
I made couple sketches/measurements some of them you can see. (sorry about quality I haven't got time to draw them in Autocad of so I scanned some)
The original weight stands are made from square steel pipes/profiles 40mm diameter.

What I used:
Weight stands
some old front hub with skewer (actually only axle with cones/nuts and skewer)
piece of 5mm thick plastic
Some 10/8/6mm screws, washers and nuts
electric drill
10/8/6mm drill bits

Step 2: Stand

Basically I've took apart the stands completely, and made "fresh start".

I cut the main tube (vertical) so the bottom bracket will be on about 75cm just enough to work comfortably. I'm not a giant ;-)
Basically nothing to explain you can see on the picture how it's made.
The design of the feet might look strange but the point was to keep the stand folded and hang on the wall when is not used.

Step 3: Horizontal tube (bicycle rack)

Bike on stand is clamped by skewer to 100mm axle and also from the other side supported under bottom bracket.
I've measured all 4 bikes I have (frame sizes vary from small to medium: Mongoose M trekking, specialized S road, Giant M road, Giant S MTB ) and is more less similar distance ~60-65cm between bottom bracket and fork axle. Fortunately the weight stands had adjustable height so I've made the horizontal pipe adjustable for future flexibility.
details of the axle and skewer you can see on the picture and sketch.
Because the smaller pipe was slightly wobbly I attached pieces of plastic at the end.
On the other side I screwed two pieces of thick plastic to support under bottom bracket and make a gap to prevent cables touching the rack (see photo)
BillBiker2 years ago
You know I was originally turned off from this idea AT FIRST! Then I took the time and browse through as I love bike repair and love to make my own stuff (tools, stands, etc). THEN I saw the finished part of this and thought THIS IS FREAKING BRILLIANT!!! Love the fact it is not like the ones made out of beer cans and pop bottles (sarcasm). In fact put it to the test it would hold a small engine block. Thats the kinds of things I like to make, overkill lol. Gonna see if I still have a patch to send if not CONGRATS!!!!
thewhite (author)  BillBiker2 years ago
Thanks. I found it actually better for working with drive train and bottom bracket than a standard "clamp" style stand. Brakes you can adjust on standing bike, and saddle is even better adjusting in normal bike position . The other thing is, that the clamp is probably the most complicated part of the stand if you want to make it by yourself (I would say 70% of the time).
Keep'em rolling.