Bicycle Stand Homemade





Introduction: Bicycle Stand Homemade

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Bicycle stand can be built simpy at home with a very low price(less than 1 USD). I build my one.

Step 1: Looking for Raw Materials

First, look at my garage, I found these stuffs. Soon, they become raw materials to be used in this project. Also, I have to purchase some PVC pipe and joint. Lucky, they are so cheap.

Step 2: Start

Cut the head of the steel pipe off.

Step 3: Handy Craft

Step 4: Complex Shaping

Measure the blue joint with bike. Make some marks then cut it. Be patient.

Step 5: Done!

Mount in some wood piece. Actally, a big single piece is preferred. But I don't have that size. Drill a hole on both PVC and steel pipe. Use screw to firm them.

Step 6: It Works Well!



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    Great idea, don't listen to "the dark lord" by his name and comment he clearly has nothing good to add to instructables. Working on a bike the right way up can be way nicer as im sure you know.

    Here's a free bike stand idea......flip it upside down so it stands on the hand bars and seat!

    Quite Handy Im going to make a steel one