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We took a bunch of bike wheels and zip-tied them together into a dome

Most bicycle shops, we found, throw away old and broken wheels. They still work fine for this project! You could buy them for a decent discount, though, if the shop keeps them.

After you have a good number (we used about 40), it's pretty simple. Just stand them up and use zip-ties or wire to attach them.

We had 12 26" wheels for the bottom layer and 12 24" wheels for the second. The size difference gave us an inward tilt. 8 24" ones for the third row, with 2 wheels for every 3 of the second row. The top was 1 24" wheel connected to 3 rims without spokes. The rims overlapped with the third row.

Thanks to Stevie's Happy Bikes, our local bike store that gave us all the wheels!


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pas d'entrée!? No entry!?

I bet you could build a custom green house using this idea.

That's just what I was thinking!

What is the height of this ?I mean in the middle?

We are thinking of building one of these on a school playground in the garden area and wondering what the diameter (ground coverage or space needed) of the structure measures out to be?

The diameter of the base is a little under 9 feet. If you do build one, I would love to see a picture!

This is a cool project. I love the use of tires for it. Good job.


man i love that , very good use of recycled materials :)

Is your name code for something? ;-)