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Introduction: Bicycle Tire Dome

We took a bunch of bike wheels and zip-tied them together into a dome

Most bicycle shops, we found, throw away old and broken wheels. They still work fine for this project! You could buy them for a decent discount, though, if the shop keeps them.

After you have a good number (we used about 40), it's pretty simple. Just stand them up and use zip-ties or wire to attach them.

We had 12 26" wheels for the bottom layer and 12 24" wheels for the second. The size difference gave us an inward tilt. 8 24" ones for the third row, with 2 wheels for every 3 of the second row. The top was 1 24" wheel connected to 3 rims without spokes. The rims overlapped with the third row.

Thanks to Stevie's Happy Bikes, our local bike store that gave us all the wheels!

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pas d'entrée!? No entry!?

I bet you could build a custom green house using this idea.

1 reply

That's just what I was thinking!

We are thinking of building one of these on a school playground in the garden area and wondering what the diameter (ground coverage or space needed) of the structure measures out to be?

The diameter of the base is a little under 9 feet. If you do build one, I would love to see a picture!

This is a cool project. I love the use of tires for it. Good job.


man i love that , very good use of recycled materials :)

Is your name code for something? ;-)

That would be awesome to grow pole beans on it!!

i need to make a jumbo version of this, then turn it into a zombie proof bunker

really great idea.... I see another "art" project to tick off the code enforcement idiot in my future

haha looks like a waste to me. that probably because i bike a lot

Cover this with plastic, add some you got a stew!...erm greenhouse.

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I was thinking yurt.

I love this! How strong is it? Would it ever get destroyed or bent out of shape in heavy winds?

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It holds up to winds well, but I don't think it could hold much weight if you were to, say, climb on it.

Hm. You've just provided me with the structure for my pizza oven. I've decided that dried algae is non-combustible, so I think I'll make a dome like yours, cover it with wire mesh, then pour algae all over it to make a heat-resistant oven! Thanks! Brilliant work.