Step 11: Future project?

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Hmmm, I wonder what these contact are for? This view of the circuit board is just under where the battery compartment is located.

This model doesn't claim to have PC connectivity, but when I opened it up, the Tx and Rx contacts suggest some possibilities (serial or USB connections).
I made a similar thing for a flashlight, for my mountain bike, and when I rode it the first time, the mount snapped - I was bummed. Point is, I could have saved my $30 LED flashlight if I had a tether line. For a road bike, the user should be fine, but who knows? If they hit a patch of bad road, it could pop the Velcro, and dash the GPS to the pavement. I am just trying to help. I think I would either attach the strap that comes with it, if there is one, or jam one inside the case with a knot in the end, and screw the case back on tight. Then wrap the strap around the handlebar, and pull the GPS through, then mount it. HTH.
fireballxl5 (author)  michaelalanjones9 years ago
Yeap, this has happened, but thanks to the tether, that GPS didn't hit the ground, I'll probably add a step to have some kind of strap. Thanks.
foobear9 years ago
I can't believe it. I was just today looking on Amazon for a handlebar mount for my Garmin etrex gps. This article has inspired me to make my own instead out of a mount for an old bike lock I have. cool
wjk9 years ago
Hackaday has an article with a link to a russian website (with english translations) that is exactly what you're looking for to answer the question about those mysterious contacts (RS-232)


Happy soldering!