Bicycle Wall Mount Rack (3D Printing)





Introduction: Bicycle Wall Mount Rack (3D Printing)

I designed this simple wall mount rack for my bicycle. Showing in the pictures I have not mount on the wall, I just temporarily put on the metal pole. As you can see the wall mount there are two holes for you to put the wall plug screws.

Attached are two STL files, modify as you like. For highest strength, print the hanger.stl flat and print the wall mount on vertical as shown in the picture.

Happy 3D printing..... :)



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    Nice design. Sometimes sharp internal bends, like the 90 degree angles you use can be prone to cracking. Rounding them out a bit might help its longevity. But if it's strong enough the way it is then don't mess with perfection.

    I agree, rounder angle has better force distribution than just one area. Lets see how it goes. If I make another version with round angle I will post it up here :)

    Nice! I'd be curious to hear how it holds up over time and use. Thanks for sharing this!

    The good thing about 3D printing is that you use pretty strong ABS plastic material similar to LEGO plastics :)