Toothbrush sized bristle bots are for kids. Lets take these bots one size bigger and see if we can get them to clean our floors.

Only $3 and takes all of five minutes. Completely solderless to boot.

For a smaller bristlebot kit thats great for adults and kids, visit BrownDogGadgets.com. You'll have a little bristlebot running around your place in no time.

Step 1: What You Need

Most everything you need can be bought from the local Dollar Store, Radio Shack, or you probably have it in your house right now.

We also sell Bristlebot kits on the Brown Dog Gadgets website.

Dollar Store Items
$1. A Cheap Electric Toothbrush. We're stealing it's motor.
$1. A cheap scrub brush. Try to get one with little to no rubber grips on it.

Radio Shack
AA Battery Holder. With attached leads.
$0.50 A little switch. Optional really.

Around the house
Copper Wire. Steal from other stuff if you can, you only need a tiny bit.
Hot (melt) Glue Gun
Wire Strippers (Optional)
AA Batteries.

<p>What is a &quot;switch&quot;? It says they're 50 cents at Radio Shack.I searched their website and got many hits, but none looked like what i need. </p>
<p>How long does it really works???</p>
<em><strong>i have a question can u use a used toothbrush</strong></em>
as long as the motor works
and i wanna make a bigger 1 Joshua Zimmerman so can u give me some instructions on a bigger 1 or is is just double everything please help<br>
Yeah, just make everything bigger. It works. Look around youtube, some people have made ones that you can ride.
That is so cool!!!!!!! Woot!!!!
is this kinda like one of those little hexbug things?<br>
Only bigger, cheaper, and more fun.
Tried it and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad to hear it worked! It's such a fun thing to make, and darned easy and cheap.
this is the easyiest robot i have ever done <br>
Building them larger is much more fun interesting, in my opinion, the building them small. Plus you can always use it to clean your floor.
cool bristlebot, im gonna make this one too! the only one i have made was from a small toothbrush head and a pager motor! thanks :) !
The motor I pulled out of the dollar store electric toothbrush was surprisingly powerful. I keep forgetting to go and pick up another one. <br><br>Post a photo of your finished bot here! I'd love to see.

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