When I saw the Fridge Magnet Contest, I thought to myself, "There's something I can do!" Sweet and simple. I immediately thought of Tetranitrate's awesome Tetris Ice Cubes. Tetris would make some great fridge magnets!

Step 1: Find Some Stuff!

So you are probably thinking to yourself about now, "Hey, didn't distortedlabs just do this???"
That is absolutely right. I had a hard time finding magnets, so give me a break. For the record, I found them in Ace Hardware, near the hammers (???).

Here's what you'll need:
Some posterboard (or some other kind of stiff backing)
A roll of gasket cork (or something similar)
Hot glue gun
A ruler
Some markers or paint

As you may have noticed, I'm pretty ambiguous here in the materials. This stuff works, but you might find something better. As for the magnets, I found a roll of adhesive magnet, which works nicely.
or make them one block and play a game of fridge tetris with your friends and every line cleared you just take them off :) im a geunus
WOW, ok, Please, give me an idea where I can find the magnets! are stickers? stripes? Thank you erik
I got all the materials at the hardware store. You might want to ask an employee, as most of this stuff is kind of obscure in a hardware store. The magnet comes in a roll, one side is sticky. My other option, which I didn't wind up using as I found the magnet tape was to go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of crappy magnets, and rip the fronts off of them to get at the plain magnet.
lmao if tetris becomes the ew k'nex of instructables!
Next up -- my totally rad tetris gun! you'll need two L shapes, a Z shape, and it fires rectangles heh
Glad to be help out with the inspiration.
Me fail English? Thats unpossible.
I'm expecting some of these for Christmas -- but I want the right colors and shapes - don't skimp on the posterboard!
Wow, people are totally taking off on the Tetris Theme :) I'm not complaining -- I think it's cool )
Great idea with the cork board on top of the magnets. I guess if they were thick enough you could use a couple push pins and double up on the holding factor of the magnet.
Oooo, I like that. I was thinking about doing multiple layers, but I was concerned it wouldn't come out looking as nice. Really ideally it would be done with wood blocks like Tetranitrate's mold positive.

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