Picture of Big 6 Digits Seven Segment Digital Clock
Finished Clock.jpg
This is a my second Digital Clock project.Which is having 5.5" height 6 digits seven segments.

Working with PIC16F876A microcontroller 
Power : 12V DC / Ampere : 1.2A Max 
Time Display : Hours / Minutes / Seconds  

Length : 24 inch
Height :  7inch

I will add a fully completed clock picture with aluminium frame which I made. :-)


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Step 1: Find a parts for schematic diagram

Picture of Find a parts for schematic diagram
Finished Circuit.jpg
Check the attached circuit diagram for part list.

Common anode 7Segments - 6Pcs
PIC16F876A - 1
ULN2803 for Segment outputs driver stage.

2SA1680 and 2SC2785 for Segment Common Anode outputs.

check the pin outs for 7 Segment and finished circuit board.

Step 2: Aluminium Frame & Segments Fixing

Picture of Aluminium Frame & Segments Fixing
Aluminum Frame made by Aluminium Box bars.

Step 3: Working Clock

nodoubtman2 years ago
what is the use of uln2803 can't you light up each segment with simple resistor? what's the difference with uln2803?? thanks a bunch!
slwthr (author)  nodoubtman1 year ago
why not you can use each transistor with resistor to drive segments. But the PCB will be more complex.
kindly send me hex file on kindly i loved this project i want to make it for once
sislam72 years ago
Please provide me the hex file .
detehadi2 years ago
hi plz mail me the he code i hav to try its nice thanks
Ashu11072 years ago
plz can i hv hex file and a code written in notepad for this digital clock
it will be great if i will provided the code for atmega16.


Email id:
hilomike2 years ago
Nice job! I'm interested in building your project to keep track of our triathlon times. How can I add tenths of a second to this?
alsatel063 years ago
plez code hex de set horloge
superr clock for my home plz send me hex file and circuits diagram I m very thankful to u. my email address

smorad3 years ago
Hye.. currently i'm doing digital alarm clock with 5 time set. but it seem really complicated for the circuit. i need to use many decoder, latch and buffer. i dont know how to make it simple. before this i'm using Easy68k but now i want to try using PIC. can anyone help about the schematic first.. here is some document that can make u understand what i mean..
chiren13 years ago
where is the hex file
solangi013 years ago
I like this clock I make for my home plz send me hex file and complete and clear circuits diagram I m very thankful to u. my email address
slwthr (author)  solangi013 years ago
Here!!Check my other clock without Seconds!
boodah3 years ago
Do you have a modified setup for just hours and minutes without the seconds panels?
slwthr (author)  boodah3 years ago
Here!!Check my other clock without Seconds!
krish693 years ago
where is the hex file??
prash_thil3 years ago
nice one user:slwthr
but i recommend a clean desk atleast when taking the picture :P
scan the diagrams will ya :P

possible to read though!
i made it and worked fine! no faults at all
Bah! Clean desks! Who needs 'em?!
Haha PP Desilva , i'd cut one of my ears off if u actually made it :P, BTW Nice Instructable Harith
slwthr (author)  prash_thil3 years ago
hahah...I will make it as a sexy table as soon as possible :D
waoo...dis s unblvbl haryy...awsm...keep it up boy...:)
haryy?? O.o
slwthr (author)  prash_thil3 years ago
any problem u gay!! :P
mama thota kiyanne naha!!!
lol they've got a be nice policy!
Haha Harith u just found out u should see this guy at school runnin around huggin guys :P
slwthr (author)  shifna iqbal3 years ago
hey thanx a lot shif! :-)