Using only 2 capacitors, 3 resistors, 4 BIG seven-segment Display, 1 xtal, 2 switches ,and 1 Microcontroller PIC, you can build this Digital Led Clock main circuit.

you can use common anode or common cathode display, just select the display type. Here is the pinout information:(I have attach the all diagrams of parts and 7 segments)

I'm used 4x 6" big 7 segment display's.

​Ok now everyone who need this kit buy over here:


Step 1: Simple Paper Copy Schematic

here is the schematic and part list for the project.

IC - PIC16F628 / PIC16F84A
also what could be replacement transistors to c1815 and a950<br><br>thx
Hi<br><br>please send all programs and part details for newer design along with schematic to my email ktel.adapters@gmail.com<br><br>regards
gotta try this at home!!!!!!<br>i have never tried programmin a pic before<br>Gotta Try this
good idea.try try!!I have uploaded all the details with hex file for PIC16F84A.Hope you can work this out well.Good luck!
Or can u give me programmed ic if yes then contact me at ayan.s73558@gmail.com
Hi. I want to know how I connect 16f84 to my laptop?
<p>hi slwthr, what are the things (software and hardware) I need to program my microcontroller and load the hex files?</p>
well can we make this using atmega 328 or arduino <br><br>if yes please send me the code and circuit to my mail id.<br><br>kumar.bols@gmail.com
Sir.. I have one 7 Segment display which displays battery voltage.. I have c program file also. Can u modify that program to didplay it as battery percentage thats 0 To 100 Max..if u r ready to help me. I will send the full project to u.. Plz reply to my e-mail id.. <br><br>mail.moonlite@gmail.com
<p>can you send me the list of the entire circuit diagram including the power supply?? and do you have a hex for pic16f87??</p>
Can you send the list of the entire parts and entire circuit diagram of big seven segment clock to email below.<br>saba.sechennai@gmail.com
please download the full project Clock.rar file in this page..Thanx!
<p>hello slwthr, please help me get a pdf or details of how to build the 7 segment digital clock. this is ma email: ozbone2@gmail.com ......thank you!!!!</p>
<p>Ok now everyone who need this kit buy over here: <br><br>http://innovatemodz.com/shop/uncategorized/digital-clock-diy-kit/</p>
<p>can anybody send me a pdf on dis 7 segment digital clock, please!!!</p>
is there any reason why you use a950 and c1815 transistor?can i replace it?
No special reason for C1815 but I used A950 because its a darlington transistor which came in small package.. You can replace it
Thank you for your wiring, it help me in my design of my big clock also. I was stuck with the multiplexing the 12V led segments, great instructable
Your welcome you moustick
hello , bro can u plz send me the ciruict diagram along with the pic program for big 7 segment clock on my email id.... <br>
Helo sir, can u please send me the MicroC files for Big 7 segment clock. <br>uthmanjta@gmail.com <br> <br>thanks
Hi, please send the details for Big 7 segment clock. <br>(with hex file) <br>saiful.s@hotmail.com
hello, <br> <br>can you send me full details of this clock? <br> <br> <br>rafa.nun@hotmail.com
please download the full project Clock.rar file in this page..Thanx!
Sent a new design with hex code
Can you please send me the full details of this project with a proper circuit diagram ?<br><br>abhik14@gmail.com
Have you .hex File for PIC16F628
Sorry!I heven't
Hi im interested on this very much.....can you please send me the circuit diagram and the .hex file if using PIC16F628A??<br><br>invdilshan@gmail.com
I don't have one for 16F628A..got one with 16f876
Hi, im looking at replication this and i was wondering if you could tell me where you got the 7 segment displays, and if you could send me any of the relative informtion on the circuit. Cheers dan<br><br>d.p.sanson@gmail.com
Here is the link for Large 7 Segment Display..Bit expensive than in Sri Lanka market.<br><br>http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=7+segment+large<br><br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEGA-LARGE-122x90mm-LED-7-SEGMENT-DISPLAY-Ultrabright-Green-Anode-LARGE-CLOCK-/150751509515?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&amp;hash=item23197d7c0b#ht_2131wt_1265<br><br>And sent the mail with new design!
Can you send the list of the entire parts and entire circuit diagram to email below.<br>I only have 4 pcs. of 3 inch displays, will the clock work if I use them instead of the bigger displays. <br><br>Email- ed13_@hotmail.com
Sent a new design with hex code
Hi, can u please send me the ciruict schematics and help me about how to connect the 7 segment displays to my microcontroller? I am using Bare_Bones Board as my microcontroller and was trying to use 74hc595 bcd, but my clock doesn't work.... Could u please help me
Dear friend,I haven't try any microcontroller circuit using &quot;Bare-Bones Board&quot;..I only used PIC microcontroller and assembly or C compile software's. But Bare-Bones Board has a Atmel chip and its own software nah.<br><br>Why your clock not working? what trouble you guess? what schematic you want?
hi sir! can you pls help me to do a 7 segment clock (the small one like a match box) i just need the seconds .. what IC and schematic diagram will I going to use ??
hi bro i'm doing my 3rd yr ece but doesnt knw the basics but i like to do this clock so plz help me bro give me guidance and sent all the info of this clock to me<br>plz.....<br>vasanthsam22@gmail.com
cool..<br>can you send me full details of this clock, <br><br>r_honrado@yahoo.com
hi send me full details of this clock, <br><br><br>saqlain.naqvi@gmail.com
Hi, Can also send me &quot;yixiong.86@gmail.com&quot; thanks
Sent a new design with hex..
hi plz mail me the he code i hav to try its nice<br><br><br>mail id: getzz@in.com<br><br>ty
hey bro can u plz send me the ciruict diagram along with the pic program on my email id....<br><br>nikhil.patankar390@gmail.com
Can u plz send the full circuit to me in mail<br><br>albinvadakkekara@gmail.com<br><br>

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