Ready for a Triple Crown winner? Enjoy a Big Apple Triple Crown while watching the big race.

Step 1: The Big Apple Triple Crown

1 part Crown Royal

1 part Apple Crown Royal

3 parts RC(Royal Crown) cola

add ice to a low ball glass (or Big Gulp cup depending on the size of your parts)

Pour over ice

Garnish with an apple wedge


<p>The picture you used is a &quot;Washington Apple&quot; cocktail - it needs cranberry juice as well ;</p><blockquote>Pour DeKuyper sour apple pucker and Crown Royal canadian whisky into a <br>highball glass filled with ice. Add cranberry juice, more to taste if <br>desired, and serve. <br></blockquote>
I used an internet picture. I was just trying to think of some plays on the Belmont Stakes race today. I changed the cranberry to Royal Crown and Apple Pucker to Apple Crown.
<p>It seems I was too subtle in my hint. Let's try again:</p><p>Why are you breaking the site Terms of Service by using a googled image without the copyright holder's permission, instead of using your own, original photograph?</p>
<p>Oops! You were to subtle the first time. I did not realize I was breaking terms. I will make one today and change the picture. Sorry!</p>

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