For those experimenters that are continually on the go, and need a mobile power source that could be lugged about. I offer you the Big Bad Battery Box.

Step 1: Finally Getting Around to Filling the Decade Long Need for Power

A number of years ago I started toying with homemade VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio equipment. These radios covered a range of roughly 10Hz to around 10 KHz and to aid in reception with minimal noise, I needed to place myself and the equipment far away from manmade electrical interference. This meant going far away from the electrical grid for long periods of time.

As time marched on, it would seem that my need for portable power increased almost tenfold. I have many projects doing many different things, and I always seem to need power in places that scarcely offer it. (i.e. satellite/space station communication, VLF monitoring, geophone monitoring, watching satellite TV in the middle of nowhere, you get the picture).

To facilitate all of this I needed a luggable and robust power source at a minimum of cost.
<p>The store clearly exploited my weakness for rugged wooden boxes.</p><p>Too funny!</p>
Can u post a circuit diagram...i am planning to build it from scratch.. any suggestions for that?
Very clever, good work!

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Bio: I like to tinker and I like to learn, and if one can support the other then thats great.
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