Back by popular demand.

The last few vader log burners I've made have caused quite a storm. With this one I wanted to go bigger and badder and try and capture more of the original shape and styling.

The bottle I used was a 46kg I think...yeah pretty big...

Step 1: Marking Out

I magic marketed the face and cut the details out using my drill, 10mm bit and angle grinder with 1.2mm blade...I used a few of these!!

The plan was to cut the bottom off and use the lower section of the cylinder for the hood of the helmet.

Step 2: Mouth Detailing

I welded two bolts into the corner of the triangle to add styling.

Step 3: Hinge

I always fit the hinge before cutting the door so I know it'll always hang straight.

Mark out using a marker pen, drill 3mm hole and tap using a 4mm tapping wrench. The hinge is fitted with 4mm x 10mm machine screws.

Step 4: Bridges

One the bridge of the nose I welded a tube which I had split and cut creating more detailing.

Step 5: Thermal Exhaust Ports

I has running low on scrap buys of metal and with school out for the summer I had to improvise.

My first design used 3 scaffolding tubes welded together but I thought is sucked so ended up cutting them off and going with a 6 tier exhaust which I'm much happier with.

Step 6: Weld and Grind

The eyebrow pieces, Cheek detailing and handle are made from the left over cylinder. I also used a large section of the cylinder to create vaders hood.

Once welded I used a flap wheel fitted to my grinder to smooth all rough edges and strip the paint.

Step 7: Daddy Vader

At the side of a regular sized gas bottle you can see the big vader towers over my previous design.

The original is a 13 or 15kg gas bottle, the big one I think was a 46kg.

Step 8: Burn Vader Burn

Before painting with UHT paint I decided to give is a test burn, this will also burn off any of the remaining original paint.

Step 9: Matt Black

I gave vader 2 coats of UHT black paint and it's good to go.

If you like it please vote...thanks for looking...
<p>If you interested in having one of these made please contact me on alex_dodson7@hotmail.com</p>
<p>variation #, </p>
<p>Holy Shit, this looks awesome!!! </p>
<p>Haha, very cool!</p>
<p>the storm troopers will ba scared as ever!</p>
<p>Yes would love to know if any on selling sites </p>
<p>Check it out....</p><p><a href="http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/161386877450" rel="nofollow">http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/161386877450</a></p>
<p>soooo I guess he joined the light side?</p>
<p>Vader's still just as hot as he was on Mustafar. Awesome job!!!</p>
<p>ENCORE ENCORE!!</p><p>awesomeness with a welder</p>
That is awesome!
Buy it now or best offer<br>http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/161385259708?nav=SEARCH
<p>What a great looking burner and just an awesome idea!</p>
This looks amazing, great job!!
<p>Great work man. Much better than the old plain gas bottle I've been using.</p><p>Gotta make one for my next camp-out.</p>
<p>Very very nice, and very well done.</p>
<p>Congratulations!!!Wonderfull burner!!!</p>
<p>Nice very nice 10 points :))), voted and favorite :))).</p>
<p>i voted for you man!</p>
<p>Epicly awesome!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Star Wawesome!</p>
Love it mate
<p>that my friend is legend!</p>
<p>those burners are impressive! congrats!</p>
<p>Very well done again! I love it larger to burn logs. Did you put one on ebay? I loved your first one, but I think you are even more spot on with your second! LOVE LOVE LOVE! When the voting pannel comes up I promise to come back and vote. :)</p>
<p>Completely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

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