Picture of Big Bad Wolf Costume
I saw this instructable today and really liked how it was done and wished I had seen it before I started on my costume this year. It would have saved me a few hours on some of the areas I got stuck on.

Anyways, I figured I'd create an instructable for how I did my costume.

I am going as Teen Wolf for Halloween this year, however, My sister-in-law has a party every year with a costume contest and my wife wanted to go as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. At first I suggested that we go as Little Red Riding Hood and Teen Wolf and people at the party would get the connection, but she protested and I decided I could have some fun building a wolf costume. I did a bunch of research on fur costume building and this is what I came up with.
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Step 1: Paws

Picture of Paws
I first started by making the Paws.

Most people who make paws usually opt for basically covering gloves with fur or sewing the fur into a glove shape. I wanted my paws to really look more like dog paws with 4 digits. Rather than cramming my extra finger into a paw digit. I opted to extend my hand and use my thumb as a true dog fifth digit which is slightly back and usually just looks like a nail protruding from the leg.

I took a few blocks of black foam I got from some packing boxes at work.

I took a sharpie and drew the basic shape of the paw on the foam and then took a very sharp retractable knife (the type that you snap the tips of the blade off as they get dull) to carve out the shape. You might want to get a few of these knives or at least some extra blades as the foam tends to dull them quickly and it's much easier to carve the foam with a sharp knife.

After carving out the basic shape I went back and shaved off the corners until the foam became more rounded. I did this over several intervals until I got the shape I wanted.

I also clut some slits into the digits so I could slide some medium sized Grizzly Bear (Resin Replicas) claws I got from eBay.

I then fliped the paws over and carved out grooves for my fingers.

I didn't show it in a picture of the paws without fur, but I noticed that the paws seemed too flat so I glued some extra bits of foam to the top of the paw to give is a more realistic musculoskeletal look.

I glued the claws in the previuosly made slits and glued the foam to some light weight cotton gloves I had lying around.

I used 3M Super 77 adhesive through out the creation of this costume as it is designed for glueing foam.

Next, I traced and cut out pieces of short pile white fur that matched the general shape of the paws and cut out slits for the claws. I spayed the foam with adhesive and stretched the fur over it. I over lapped the fur trying to hide the seams as best I could. After the glueing on the fur I combed it a bit to further hide the seems. I used a cat brush to comb the fur (my wife has a long haired Himalayan cat, so I used her brush).

You might notice from the picrures that these paws fit more like mittens and there is not much manueverability of my individual fingers. I was fine with this as I really only need enough flexibility to hold a beer with the paw and my thumb.

I ordered some rubber paw pads from here. and glued them onto the paw palm.

I cut two strips each of longer pile grey fur and longer pile white fur a little over the length of my arm. The grey strip was about 7-8 inches wide and the white strip was 5 inches wide. I sewed them together using my wife's sewing machine. I took one strip of each color and lined up the long edges together with the fabric backing facing out and the fur of each strip facing inwards. I then ran it through the sewing machine. I used some clear nylon thread so it wouldn't show. I then lined up the other long edge of each piece of fur and sewed that side. Then I flipped the arm inside out so that the fur correctly was on the outside of the arm and used the cat brush to pull out any fur caught in the seam and also to hide the seam.

Next I put the fur sleeve on my arm and then put the paw glove on and glued the white fur strip and gray fur strip to the paw. I cut a little piece out of the side for my thumb. I later plan to sew a little fur pocket for my thumb and the fifth claw so it looks more like a dog paw.

I'll post a picture of the finished product once I get it.
RiannonG4 months ago

This is really cool. :)

tobathewolf11 months ago
Wow that is awesome !! I'm making a fursuit soon and this will help a lot for the legs!! Thanx , oh and did I say that this is awesome?!?!
mp2526 (author) 1 year ago

Just your standard furniture cushion foam found at most fabric stores.

KraftyKrew1 year ago

what type of foam did u use. like where did u get it and what is it called?

chasitina044 years ago
what thickness of foam did you use for your legs, on the back and front?
mp2526 (author)  chasitina044 years ago
I think it was 4 inches.
Knuckles2344 years ago
this will be really helpful
but dose the tail move like this one?
please help me
mp2526 (author)  Knuckles2344 years ago
pretty much. I didn't have a strong enough servo to get that kind of swing action, but the concept is the same.
ok thank you i will make this a.s.a.p. XD
CrazySheep4 years ago
Dude, that's groovy :)
raccoons5555 years ago
awesome costume it helped me with alot of hard balls thrown at me when making my digi-grade legs,  thank you -ME
mp2526 (author)  raccoons5555 years ago
I'm glad it helped.
whopoder5 years ago
COOL!!! Omg u did those legs so perfect! Hugs from Brasil ; )
ArtIsFunn5 years ago
wow! your costume is sooo awesome! seriously. i love it! you did an amazing job! :D
mp2526 (author)  ArtIsFunn5 years ago
thepelton5 years ago
One of the problems I can see for making wolf-like legs is the fact that the joints are in different places, with the corresponding bones being of different lengths. Canines (Dogs and Wolves) stand on the first joint of the leg. We humans stand on the first two joints of the leg. The bones that make up the arch of the foot in humans make up a part of the leg that never touches the ground in wolves when they are standing.
rredmon6 years ago
the thumbnail for this instructable looks a lot like the Tasmanian devil. That would be a great costume.
Meroki6 years ago

gret job btw
JayBleu6 years ago
Thank you for posting all of your info here. Your claws link solved a problem for me... I am restoring a bear costume and need pads and claws. I can't thank you enough for showing me White Wolf's website. I even joined indestructables, just so I could let you know how greatful I am by posting it here. tYour costume looks great by the way. Let me know if you ever plan to make another one, he, he, he.....
mp2526 (author)  JayBleu6 years ago
You welcome. Glad to hear I was of some help.
tyden6 years ago
where did you purchase your faux fur? so far that has been my biggest road block
mp2526 (author)  tyden6 years ago
I got it from eBay. It was so long ago, I don't remember the person I got it from. I have seen it sense at places like JoAnn's Fabrics.
yerjoking6 years ago
Pic 2 of step 2 looks like the halo brute
Wimzy7 years ago
What did you use for the servo controller?
mp2526 (author)  Wimzy7 years ago
I bought it used off ebay but you can find new ones here

You can pretty much use any controller that allows you to store the commands so you can later use them without being connected to a computer.
that animaatronic tail is sofa king beastly
guyfrom7up7 years ago
looks pretty good! (I love the realistic wolf costume instructable)
mp2526 (author)  guyfrom7up7 years ago