Hello fellow instructabees! This is an instructable on how to build a big, beautiful, hanging lamp just like this one I have hanging in my room. You may be saying to yourself, "But Tommy, why would I want one of these wonderful, room warming, hipster-huggin, mood makin, hanging gems of glorious beauty?". I'll tell you why. These babies are built mostly from material straight from mother nature herself. The rest of what you need is probably in your toolbox already. They are fun to make, they are greener than green, they look amazing, and they are cheap! Let's make one, shall we?

Step 1: Get What You Need

The materials for this project are quite simple and dirt cheap. Chances are, you probably have all or most of them already. If not, maybe you should.

1. VINES - Obviously, you need vines/twigs to build this lamp. I pulled mine off of the fence in my back yard. It doesn't matter what kind of vine or twig you choose really. It just needs to be bendable but not flimsy. If you can't form it into at least a half circle then you can't use it.
2. LAMP CORD AND SOCKET - You can either take apart that old lamp you aren't using, or find one at your local thrift store. I got the pieces I'm using from a lamp at Goodwill for 50 cent. <-- "Like a fat kid loves cake"
3. SCREWDRIVER - Just for wiring up the lamp. It's very simple, but here's a pretty good tutorial on doing that.
4. Twine/String/Rope/Wire - Any will work. It's your prerogative.
5. Scissors/Wire Cutters - Depending on what you choose for #4
6. Light Bulb - It would be weird without one. I would recommend an energy efficient bulb since we're batting for the green team here.
so natural! like it ;)
the shadows look cool :)
Great idea!&nbsp; Using a compact fluorescent bulb would cut the fire hazard way down on this.... shooting the wood with clear acrylic might make it last longer, too.<br> <br> ---K<br>
Awsome,one can do the same thing with barbed wire,old and weatherd or put on a coat of your favorite color paint,the small flicker flame&nbsp;type bulbs look best for the light source&nbsp;in my opinion.
Great Job! Awesome lamp! Bet you could sell these for a lot of money! Thanks for sharing! Love your work... Got any other projects for us?
this could be a fire hazard..... I WANNA MAKE IT!!!
this is cool brotha. i made a shade from sticks once but not this cool! kudos
technically, a chandelier has to have two or more arms with lights on.... and please spray this with some kind of flame retardant, this just screams fire hazard.
Ah. Good point on the chandelier verbage. Thanks! Everything I've read on fire safety with bulbs basically says not to let material rest on the bulb. Other than than, proper bulb wattage, and plenty of breathing room for the bulb I've never heard of any kind of fire hazard. Am I wrong?
well, I guess I may just be being a little paranoid, but hot bulb + dry wood just seems a little worrying in my opinion. just make sure the wood doesn't get too hot

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