Step 4: Give It Depth

Now cut out 3" wide strips of the Bristol board  and attach those to the letters with more tape. This requires lots of folding, bending, curling and repositioning. That's why I used masking tape here. It was very forgiving of mistakes.
so clever! <br>
You don't have the rest of the alphabet hanging around do you? I'd like to try your idea in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for idea
Nice idea for decor, FungusAmungus. And very clear instructions and photos. Thanks! <br> <br>My motor skills are not as good as when younger. Could you put &quot;tabs&quot; on the edges of the letters in your patterns, to fold back to make taping the 3&quot; pieces easier?
Definitely. You can easily add them yourself when cutting them out.
nice idea, thanks. <br>

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