I finally got around to making some more pillowcases. Just in time for Valentine's Day I made a bunch of festive pillow cases using and tweaking my trusty 10 minute pillow case tutorial. This is a tutorial for the Big Bow Pillow case.
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Step 1:

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I used 17" square pillow cases so my measurements are based off of that. If you have different size pillows check out my basic pillow case tutorial for info about how to get the measurements for different sizes and add 11 inches to whatever you need.

For a 17" pillow you'll need  28" of fabric (by the width probably 44" or 60").

For a 17" pillow case you'll need fabric cut to 17x38 (pillow case), 9-11x38 (bow), 6x6 (bow tie). My red pillow case I used the 11x38 inch bow and the pink one was a 9x 38 inch bow.

Step 2:

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First sew the bow. Fold the bow piece in half so that it's 11x 19 and sew the long sides. Flip it right side out and iron.

Step 3:

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Make the bow tie. Fold the 6x6 piece in half and sew around three edges. Flip right side out and iron. Tuck one end into the other to make a little tube (like a napkin ring kind of) and fold under the edge of the top layer and sew shut. I had to sew from one edge to the middle cut it and sew from the other edge to the middle.

Step 4:

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Finish the short edges of the pillow case piece.  I did this with a serger or you can just fold the fabric under twice and sew.

Step 5:

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Slide the bow piece through the bow tie. And arrange on the pillow base. Find the placement by folding the pillow base so that you have a 17 inch space and the flaps should fold over in the back (if you only finished one edge like me make sure the pretty one goes down first. You can iron the edges so you know where to fold them. Mark the middle of the square with a pin at both the top edge and the bottom edge. Open up the flaps.Then pin the middle of t bow edges to where the pins are. put the flaps in place making sure the pretty side goes down first. Then pin the edge of the bow so they are sandwiched between the pillow from and back.

Step 6:

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Sew the two edges making sure to catch both layers of the pillow case, the bows and the flaps.

Step 7:

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Now flip it right side out, stuff a pillow in and arrange the tie so it sits in the middle of the bow.

Stare at it and say, that was so easy and quick and look how cute my pillow case is.

I hope you like it. I posted this originally on my blog http://raegunwear.blogspot.com

I'm brand new to instructables. If you have any questions please let me know I'll do my best to remember to check in but  you may get a quicker response if you post the question in my comments section on my blog post for this tutorial or send me a message.

GainEnergy3 years ago
Very cute and CLEVER! Thanks for posting step by step instructions! Very helpful!
MaryT8M3 years ago
I LOVE making pillows, AND bows. I'm making a couple for my grand daughter for Valentine's Day from 1 knitted dress (from a thrift store). This is SO cute I might have to make her one more! Thanks for submitting this
I agree, so adorable! So simple, comfy and cute :)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Holy cow these are cute. I love them! Thank you so much for sharing this here!
raegunwear (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
thanks so much!