Big Bowl Turning: Stacked Ring Lamination





Introduction: Big Bowl Turning: Stacked Ring Lamination

About: Hi, I'm Alex Harris, Engineering student and "YouTube woodworker". For more about me, visit my website:

Inspired by some bowls I had seen, made by Michael Mode, a little while ago I decided to jump straight in at the deep end and make this 500mm (19.5") bowl, using the surprisingly simple technique, stacked-ring lamination. I used my lathe to smooth out the layers, but they could have be power-sanded instead. The project wasn't without it's hiccups (see video), but I was very pleased with the final result.

Check out the video to see how I made it! LINK



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    That is beautiful

    wonderful job. well done work and video.

    you are very talented and nice to look at also. ;-)

    Really cool bowl and nice instructy. Thanks

    absolutely beautiful

    Very very cool, wish I had all those tools to have a crack at it myself.

    I love it! Nice touches, very elegant :-)

    Hi, it should be embedded at the top of the page. If not, I have just added a link at the end of the text.