Big Boy Beach Tricycle




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Introduction: Big Boy Beach Tricycle

This is a project that was brought to me a while ago, A friend of mine wanted a bicycle trailer to take down to the beach with him over the summer. Well I did him one better, a trike. It was a full on custom make for him due to the size of my friend, and what he wanted to haul down to the beach. The bike had to fit two folding chairs, a cooler, radio, and some times a keg, That was a challenge so this is what I came up with for him 



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    How would I contact you regarding a custom trike similar to the Big Boy Beach trike you made for your friend?

    Can you tell me where you came up with the axle parts. That would be things like the bearings, shaft, sprocket, shaft mounted wheels, etc.


    I really, really wish there were more pics. I have a trike and am always changing it. Can you post more pics please - please?
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    WOW, thats pretty much what I want to put on my trike, those little wire baskets are about useless ! (mines the bigger one !)

    2xcool bikes 001.jpg