Picture of Big Daddy from Bioshock
     I made Big Daddy for the Metrocon 2010 Anime Convention here in Tampa Florida. I used items I had around the garage as much as I could. My local Home Depot was fantastic in having any of the odd but necessary items needed for the Completion of Big Daddy. After seeing Volpin Props Big Daddy, I caught the Bio-Shock bug and had to make one of my own. I learned quite a few new techniques pursuing the Holy Grail of Big Daddy.

Step 1: Your Supplies

The supplies used are:3 Gallons of Fiberglass Resin and liquid hardener
2 packs of fiberglass cloth
25 cans of Spray expandable foam
1 - 3/4 in. 4 ft. x 10 ft. board R5.0 R-Matte Plus 3Insulation
Packing tape
stretch fabric of some type. (I used olf jersey sheets)
5 - Armacell 1 In. x 6 Ft. Tubolit® Self-Seal Foam Pipe Insulation
3 - Armacell 1 In. T Foam Pipe Insulation connectors
acetone - for cleaning the fiberglass resin off brushes
6 CANS - Krylon Fusion for Plastic® Hammered Finish Copper Hammered PAINT
2 quarts - Rust-Oleum® Hammered Metal Finish Copper
1 quart - Rust-Oleum® Hammered Metal Finish Silver
1 pint - black acrylic paint1 pint - red paint
1 pk - Shepherd (20 Pk.) 3/4 In. Heavy-duty Self-Adhesive Felt Pads Round - Beige
1 - 32" beach ball

Tools:old electric kitchen knife
old serated steak knifepaint brushes
dremel - cutting attatchment,sanding cone, sander
drill with 2" Bi-Metal Hole Saws
foam block sander

Optional item:I have a PVC frame stand that made that I use for projects that I need off the floor. 
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jn2006.4 months ago

amazing effort ,well done! looks excellent

NickK211 months ago

That's really cool. Although the arm is kinda stumpy. You may want to add a 12th step and make a prosthetic arm that(of course) has moving fingers 'n' such.

devbone NickK26 months ago

Make a foam cylinder and hollow out a small area and insert a wooden dow as a handle but that only work with the drill hand

simply amazing! <3

I might have missed it, but could you say the price range on this?
This looks amazing! I love Bioshock and u sir r...................................A BEAST!!!!
Gumby452 years ago
Looks real cool! It may be December but I'm still excited for next year's halloween. ewe
Now me and my brother can be a matching Big Sister/Daddy. c: I'll need to get started early and show it off around town out-of-season. :D
Thaaaank you!
jwcheatwood4 years ago
That's awesome that you made the dome :D, you could also use the 24" security domes (like the ones you see at walmart lol)
How do you get those from them?
You can search the net for them :)
I've never been able to find one for less than $100 in this kinda size, I ended up vacuum forming mine out of plastic.
mikoto (author)  jwcheatwood4 years ago
I searched like crazy for one of those, I finally had to design one myself. I was so relieved it worked out so well.
this is a awesome instructable!
ErinneX3 years ago
I LOVE this!!! You are very talented and creative! ^_^
monsterlego3 years ago
Heh, i love deadpool.
he's amazing how could someone not love him?
I suppose if he killed me.
i would not love that
tinker2344 years ago
could you make it spin
This instrucable is awesome! Have you seen the Big Daddy costume and step by step instruction for it on Volpin Props? Oman, that guy is incredible. Working Drill and helmet lights and everything :D
Volpin Props is awesome! i wish i could make stuf like that
gie0054 years ago
Kaiven5 years ago
Reminds me a lot of this: http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/2009/09/big-daddy-bioshock.html
mikoto (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
I did see the Violin Props Big Daddy which Is awesome!! I wish I had access to the materials and workshop he has.

But for A Mom who works full time and has never done anything like this before, I thought I did pretty good. I try to find a way to use materials that are more accesible to the everyday person, and I think I accomplished that with this project.
its volpin props
Kaiven mikoto5 years ago
Yes, you did good, gratz :D (and please reply so my comments isn't at 666! lol!)
mikoto (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
Not a problem, would not want any evill to get you, Big daddy looks out for you. (^_^)
Kaiven mikoto5 years ago
Thanks, Big Daddy rules! (and how did I use "isn't" ?? *facepalms*)
Me too. When I saw this 'able, I immediately thought of the amazing Volpin Props' Big Daddy costume and his detailed instructions. This one here is also amazing. Fantastic work!
I'll try to do it, but probably the first time will not work. )
GHOST664 years ago
METROCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW YA THERE GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alimaria4 years ago
Awesome job! I really hope you win, you deserve it!
slithien4 years ago
you proberly could edit the head piece so it looks like a big daddy from bioshock infinite!
tallcan4 years ago
kidbuilder5 years ago
that thing looks like it would peirce metal with the drill
kidbuilder5 years ago
so if that thing was in battle with a armed robot who would win?
Merugop5 years ago
Looks cool maybe you can put Leds bhind the glass so it changes from yellow to red.
mikoto (author)  Merugop5 years ago
My daughter also asked to have an audio recording that plays the sounds big Daddy makes in the game. I still have to figure how to add light without illuminating her on the inside.
Merugop mikoto5 years ago
My primary Languige is not English so i can't explain it very well. ow thick is the helmet? I it's like 1-2 Cm you can try drilling holes in it and put the leds there.. (and put the cables in the edges.
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