Step 9: Making the Platform Shoes.

To make the platform shoes I had some left over sheets of 3" thick polystyrene foam.  I made a template of the shape of the sole of a shoe that would match the approx size ratio of the body. I then glued 2 sheets together to make " platforms. I used an old pair of shoes to form the rest of the boot around . 

I used newspaper to form the sides of the boots and the toe. I then folded several sheets in half and taped them around the back of the shoe to the sides. To make sure that I did not make it uneven I found the center back of the foam platform and made a mark and then used the center fold of the newspaper to line it up. To form the toe I made paper balls and taped on top of the shoe to create the rounded toe. I then  folded several sheets in half and taped that over the toe of the boot. I then put several 4" slits up the open edge of the paper. tape the center piece down and then round the toe with the paper slits by overlapping areas as you tape them down. 

I them fiber glassed them several times to give strength to the sides.  after the resin is hardened sand down any rough edged and paint. I put the shoes on and stuffed left over foam  into the toe box to secure the inner shoe. I also cust strips of the leftoover expandable foam and packed in the sides and back of each shoe. them I tape that all in securely. 

After everything is dried paint everything with the hammered copper paint.
After the copper paint is dry. Used the black to age the metal paint by painting in spots and rubbing off with a towel. Then Splatter red to make it look bloody. 
<p>do you have an estimate of the cost to make this?</p>
<p>dude if I tried to do something like I would fail but how wide and would you suggest it for a school Halloween party or comic con type thing </p>
<p>overall really good amazing</p>
<p>amazing effort ,well done! looks excellent</p>
<p>That's really cool. Although the arm is kinda stumpy. You may want to add a 12th step and make a prosthetic arm that(of course) has moving fingers 'n' such.</p>
<p>Make a foam cylinder and hollow out a small area and insert a wooden dow as a handle but that only work with the drill hand</p>
<p>simply amazing! &lt;3</p>
Looks FANTASTIC! <br>I might have missed it, but could you say the price range on this?
This looks amazing! I love Bioshock and u sir r...................................A BEAST!!!!
Looks real cool! It may be December but I'm still excited for next year's halloween. ewe <br>Now me and my brother can be a matching Big Sister/Daddy. c: I'll need to get started early and show it off around town out-of-season. :D <br>Thaaaank you!
That's awesome that you made the dome :D, you could also use the 24&quot; security domes (like the ones you see at walmart lol)
How do you get those from them?
You can search the net for them :)
I've never been able to find one for less than $100 in this kinda size, I ended up vacuum forming mine out of plastic.
I searched like crazy for one of those, I finally had to design one myself. I was so relieved it worked out so well.
this is a awesome instructable!
I LOVE this!!! You are very talented and creative! ^_^
Heh, i love deadpool.
he's amazing how could someone not love him?
I suppose if he killed me.
ratatatatatatata <br>owww<br>i would not love that
could you make it spin
This instrucable is awesome! Have you seen the Big Daddy costume and step by step instruction for it on Volpin Props? Oman, that guy is incredible. Working Drill and helmet lights and everything :D
Volpin Props is awesome! i wish i could make stuf like that
Reminds me a lot of this: http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/2009/09/big-daddy-bioshock.html
I did see the Violin Props Big Daddy which Is awesome!! I wish I had access to the materials and workshop he has.<br> <br> But for A Mom who works full time and has never done anything like this before, I thought I did pretty good. I try to find a way to use materials that are more accesible to the everyday person, and I think I accomplished that with this project.
its volpin props
Yes, you did good, gratz :D (and please reply so my comments isn't at 666! lol!)
Not a problem, would not want any evill to get you, Big daddy looks out for you. (^_^)
Thanks, Big Daddy rules! (and how did I use &quot;isn't&quot; ?? *facepalms*)
Me too. When I saw this 'able, I immediately thought of the amazing Volpin Props' Big Daddy costume and his detailed instructions. This one here is also amazing. Fantastic work!
I'll try to do it, but probably the first time will not work. )
METROCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW YA THERE GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome job! I really hope you win, you deserve it!
you proberly could edit the head piece so it looks like a big daddy from bioshock infinite!
that thing looks like it would peirce metal with the drill
so if that thing was in battle with a armed robot who would win?
Looks cool maybe you can put Leds bhind the glass so it changes from yellow to red.
My daughter also asked to have an audio recording that plays the sounds big Daddy makes in the game. I still have to figure how to add light without illuminating her on the inside.
My primary Languige is not English so i can't explain it very well. ow thick is the helmet? I it's like 1-2 Cm you can try drilling holes in it and put the leds there.. (and put the cables in the edges.
your costume is cool but the deadpool costume is way cooler....
Dead pool was having a blast at the convention. And yeas his cosplay was good
I snapped a few pictures of you or someone wearing big daddy at GENCON. It was the coolest thing I seen there. I could tell there was a lot of time invested on the project, however I did not realize the scope of the endeavor . Great job. I like to build props for Halloween and you have given me so many new ideas. Thanks
bioshock always scares the schitt out of me but i love it :)
I really like this, can you tell exatly what material I would need to make the armor look, beause I'm making a Subject Delta suit and I'm not sure what is just needed for the Bouncer.
Hi, Everything in the instructable is the exact materials I used, manufacturer and color. The only item not pictured in the supplies was the stretch fabric. I used an old jersey set of sheets. You know the kind that feel like t-shirt material ,for the body and just layered the fiberglass resin. Being a novice and because of the time crunch the imperfect smoothing of the foam under the stretch fabric actually lends to the age metal look. I painted pieces as they were completed because time was a factor, and that also could account for any debris look in the aging. After the final copper paint was dried we took regular acrylic black paint swiped it on areas and then rubbed it off with a dry towel, this gave it the patina look. This was my first time working with fiberglass so I hope that I was able to help in your project. When you complete it send me a picture it was be great to see. (^_^) Mikoto
Yeah I'll be sure send you a picture when complete, though it is a long way off.

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