Step 9: Making the platform shoes.

Picture of Making the platform shoes.
bioshock cosplay 6.jpg
To make the platform shoes I had some left over sheets of 3" thick polystyrene foam.  I made a template of the shape of the sole of a shoe that would match the approx size ratio of the body. I then glued 2 sheets together to make " platforms. I used an old pair of shoes to form the rest of the boot around . 

I used newspaper to form the sides of the boots and the toe. I then folded several sheets in half and taped them around the back of the shoe to the sides. To make sure that I did not make it uneven I found the center back of the foam platform and made a mark and then used the center fold of the newspaper to line it up. To form the toe I made paper balls and taped on top of the shoe to create the rounded toe. I then  folded several sheets in half and taped that over the toe of the boot. I then put several 4" slits up the open edge of the paper. tape the center piece down and then round the toe with the paper slits by overlapping areas as you tape them down. 

I them fiber glassed them several times to give strength to the sides.  after the resin is hardened sand down any rough edged and paint. I put the shoes on and stuffed left over foam  into the toe box to secure the inner shoe. I also cust strips of the leftoover expandable foam and packed in the sides and back of each shoe. them I tape that all in securely. 

After everything is dried paint everything with the hammered copper paint.
After the copper paint is dry. Used the black to age the metal paint by painting in spots and rubbing off with a towel. Then Splatter red to make it look bloody.