Introduction: Big Deck Box

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recycled cigarette tube box card (pokemon/digimon/majic...etc) deck box

Step 1: Get Empty Cigarteete Tube Box or Any Rectangular Box.

Picture of Get Empty Cigarteete Tube Box or Any Rectangular Box.

get an EMPTY cigarette tube box or similar size rectangular box...

Step 2: More Supplies

Picture of More Supplies

scissors, glue stick and conatruction paper plua a pen to trace outline of box sides.

Step 3: Cut and Glue

Picture of Cut and Glue

if want make deaigns like this pokeball on my previously made smaller 2 deck holder I'd say this one will hold about 5-6 decks. and done you have your bigger 5-6 maybe even 7 deck box.

Step 4: Finished

done...add cards..kepp!


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