Introduction: Big Dominoes

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My girlfriend loves Dominoes and I was looking for a fun and easy project to make for her for Christmas. 

Step 1: Sizing and Planning

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I decided to make the dominoes using 1 by 4 cuts of pine about 8 inches long.  Using a mitre box, I cut a shallow groove out of the center of each pieces.  I then decided the placement of each drilled hole and marked them on every domino. I'm happy to share my personal measurements, however, as long as you are consistent between them, you can decide your placement.   

Step 2: Marking Holes

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I used a screw and hammer to mark the point of contact for my drill and keep the drill bit in place.

Step 3: Drilling

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To drill the domino holes, I used a 1/2 inch forstner bit and a hand drill.  A drill press would have been more accurate and created more precise holes. However, I live in an apartment, and don't have access to many shop tools. 

Step 4: Tools

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To fill the holes I used 1/2 inch round dowels, a hammer, an exacto knife, and a hand saw capable of making flush cuts. 

Step 5: Pegs

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Once the holes were drilled, I glued 1/2 inch round dowels into them.  So that they would go in smooth, I trimmed the end going into the hole with an exacto knife first.  I then hammed the dowel in. 

Step 6: Flush Cuts

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I used my hand saw to cut the dowel down flush to the domino body. 

Step 7: Sanding Smooth

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I heavily sanded the face of each domino to ensure that the pegs were flush to the wood and to work any imperfections out. 

Step 8: Repeat

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I made a standard 6 by 6 set of dominoes (28 pieces).  So it took some time to complete them all.  Ultimately I stained and sealed them.  The last picture is for size reference.   

Step 9:

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As a final step, I designed a case to hold all of the dominoes.  It involves two separate halves that link together.  Once separate, however, each side can be used to hold the dominoes while in play.  I have not yet made the instructable for the case, but plan to eventually. 


Dannyhail (author)2014-06-24

so sool

boddhi15 (author)Dannyhail2014-06-24


Rei42 (author)2014-06-23

I want some.

boddhi15 (author)Rei422014-06-24

Give it a try.

atticusfinch (author)2014-03-23

Nice gift, well made, well written, beautifully thought out, lucky girlfriend.

hunter999 (author)2014-03-23

This looks great! Now to make a domino run :-)

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