Picture of Big Egg + Arduino +IR sensor = EasterEgguino

I was looking for a way to use a servo and an IR sensor and came up with this project.

The egg contains candy and when a candy seeking person gets close enough, the LEDs will chase and the top part of the egg opens. It remains open for about 3 seconds and then closes.

I used an Ardweeny and all the wiring is just bread boarded instead of soldering everything together. I may yet do that .


Step 1: Stuff needed

Picture of Stuff needed

The main items used are:
1. Ardweeny   -   a small Arduino compatible Microcontroller from Solarbotics ..  This is inexpensive but you are required to solder the pieces to the included PCB.
2. A small hobby servo - I used a Futaba GWS03n
3. an IR sensor - I used a Sharp GP2Y0A - 
4. you will need the cable that goes to the sensor also
5. 8 Leds
6. 74HC595 shift register to do the LED chasing.
7. 7805 voltage regulator
8. AC adapter to provide the 9 volt current required
9. A big egg(and some smaller ones) - from the Hobby Lobby.

1. hot glue
2. some decorative items - the ears,eyes from a hobby shop or a toy store
3. wire, soldering iron

YzaGonzaga29 days ago
Hi! I'm gonna make this as my project. can i use Arduino uno in this? If I'm gonna buy materials, where can i order? Is this available in Philippines??
bdesigned4 years ago
Very nice project. Any plans to include a wiring drawing or schematics? Thanks
mischka4 years ago
This bunny is funny! Great Idea, nice work.
zazenergy4 years ago
This is soooo awesome! Perfect for Easter and lots of other holidays.

How do you like the stuff from Solarbotics? I've used the Ardweeny before but found it's to be pretty flimsy. Have you had better luck with them?
duboisvb (author)  zazenergy4 years ago

I have put together 3 Ardweenys and 2 of them worked. So based on that very small sample, I, too, am a little vary of them. But I still have 3 to use so will see.

Other items from Solarbotics have been fine. No problem.