I was looking for a way to use a servo and an IR sensor and came up with this project.

The egg contains candy and when a candy seeking person gets close enough, the LEDs will chase and the top part of the egg opens. It remains open for about 3 seconds and then closes.

I used an Ardweeny and all the wiring is just bread boarded instead of soldering everything together. I may yet do that .


Step 1: Stuff Needed

The main items used are:
1. Ardweeny   -   a small Arduino compatible Microcontroller from Solarbotics ..  This is inexpensive but you are required to solder the pieces to the included PCB.
2. A small hobby servo - I used a Futaba GWS03n
3. an IR sensor - I used a Sharp GP2Y0A - 
4. you will need the cable that goes to the sensor also
5. 8 Leds
6. 74HC595 shift register to do the LED chasing.
7. 7805 voltage regulator
8. AC adapter to provide the 9 volt current required
9. A big egg(and some smaller ones) - from the Hobby Lobby.

1. hot glue
2. some decorative items - the ears,eyes from a hobby shop or a toy store
3. wire, soldering iron

Hi! I'm gonna make this as my project. can i use Arduino uno in this? If I'm gonna buy materials, where can i order? Is this available in Philippines?? <br>
Very nice project. Any plans to include a wiring drawing or schematics? Thanks
This bunny is funny! Great Idea, nice work.
This is soooo awesome! Perfect for Easter and lots of other holidays.<br /><br />How do you like the stuff from Solarbotics? I've used the Ardweeny before but found it's to be pretty flimsy. Have you had better luck with them?
Thanks.<br><br>I have put together 3 Ardweenys and 2 of them worked. So based on that very small sample, I, too, am a little vary of them. But I still have 3 to use so will see.<br><br>Other items from Solarbotics have been fine. No problem.

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