Picture of Big Fork and Spoon

This is a quick and easy way to make a big wooden fork and spoon.

For whatever reason, my wife has always wanted a giant spoon and fork to hang on the kitchen wall. This year I actually got around to making them. I started with two 24-inch pieces of soft white pine that were roughly 2" by 4". The finished fork ended up about 22" long, and the spoon about 18" long.

There are a handful of tutorials around the internet on how to make wooden utensils, and many right here on instructables. However, I felt there was still some value in sharing the methods I used to make mine.

The only major tool you will need access to is a band saw. Good luck, thanks for taking a look.

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Step 1: Layout profiles

Picture of Layout profiles

Begin by laying out the top and side profiles of the fork and spoon on the pieces of wood with a permanent marker. Just eyeball it, but make sure the curves and flares that make up the utensil shapes match up on the sides and tops where you want them to.

Step 2: Cut side profiles first

Picture of Cut side profiles first

Cut the side profiles first using a band saw, working slowly and carefully.

Be sure to keep all the cut off sections, which will be used in the next step.

Step 3: Tape blocks back together, drill holes

Picture of Tape blocks back together, drill holes

Fasten all the cut off pieces back where they started using masking tape.

At this point, it is helpful to drill holes in the crooks of the tines.

Step 4: Cut top profiles

Picture of Cut top profiles

With the blocks taped solidly back together, cut out the top profiles.

Step 5: Shape outside of spoon

Picture of Shape outside of spoon
After clamping the spoon securely to my table, I used a rotary rasp (about $4 from local hardware store) to carve down the rough outer shape of the head of the spoon.

There are a number of ways this could be done, depending on what tools you have available. This seemed to be the most effective and least costly for me.
ddemitrius made it!2 months ago

This was an exceptionally good tutorial I have a metal one made out of Aluminum cast. bigger in size approximatel 122 cms in length and 22 cms in width at the widest area.

seamster (author)  ddemitrius2 months ago

Hey, thank you!

Your aluminum ones look awesome! Did you make those?

cokegal2 years ago
Can anyone say...."Everyone Lives Raymond"???? Lol! I've been wanting a pair of these since that episode!

Try Black Scorpion dot biz you are sure to find the metal one there!!

seamster (author)  cokegal2 years ago
These were actually inspired by the ones on Marie and Frank's wall.
Great job and great result. I would have made them a bit darker (or could go the light route) and added a few more coats of food-safe varnish.
J-Five2 years ago
FEE-FI-FO-FUM!!!! Okay who stole my fork and spoon!!!!!
Haha! These are sweet :) You should enter them into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
great! i need these for going to all you can eat buffets.
Hoopajoo2 years ago
That's what I call a big forkin' spoon!
Ninzerbean2 years ago
I never knew about that rasp attachment - wow. Great - make more stuff for your wife!