Let's jump right in. Start with any kind of local, fresh tomato. Heirloom, dry farm, plum, cherry... anything fresh works. Just don't use a supermarket baseball that is hard and mealy.

Step 1: Cukes

Cut up some nice cukes. Organic, local ones are best, but I'm more forgiving of supermarket cukes that tomatoes, if you peel off the skin.

Step 2: Onion Time

Fresh red onion, yah

Step 3: Olive

Olive time

Step 4: Feta Time

feta is the betta

Step 5: Mix With Oil, Vinegar, and Serve

Got some of this at the local deli yum! <br>Made a big bowl today. <br>Know what I'm eating all summer!
Nice pictures; too bad winter is soon here. I'm looking forward to next season for fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.
Fresh oregano? Epharisto polly!
<em><strong>Great job! Your salad looks very tasty,</strong></em><br/>I'm gonna have to make that myself, love that Greek food!<br/><br/>Thanks!<br/> .<em><strong></strong></em><br/>

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