Picture of Big Green Egg BBQ Table
I got the idea for this BGE table from the Naked Whiz.  I modified his plans, but check out his site for the original.
Prices for ceramic cookers have dropped a bit this summer.  If you're in the market for one, shop around and find the right one.  The one thing you need to consider is where to prop it up.  Many brands don't offer every accessory, hence you'll need to buy (bad move) or build your own table.  
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Counter sink bit
Phillips head bit
1 box 2 inch screws
1 box 1.5 inch screws
Wood glue
Propane torch
Wood plugs (flat top)
Power sander
Jig saw
80 grit sand paper (get plenty)
Tape measure
Power saw
Saw horses
Quick Clamp
Speed square
Wood stain
16 x 16 slate tile
Rubber mallet

2x4's - 68 ft (grab extra in case of mess ups)
1x4's - 94 ft (grab extra in case of mess ups)

I salvaged every piece of wood, to include the saw horses.  I live in a neighborhood that is still being developed and had the opportunity to visit each build site and pick through scraps.  Be carefull if you do this.  Some builders have a no salvage policy, so speak with the foreman at each site and get his/her permission.  This step will help defray the cost and make this option fiscally viable.  If you can't salvage enough, then you might want to buy one. 

Step 2: Make Plans

Picture of Make Plans
Top Shelf.jpg
Middle Shelf.jpg
Bottom Shelf.jpg
These are the plans I made after I modified the ones offered from the NakedWhiz.  I made them on power point, just make sure your plans are proportional and the dimensions reflect the accuracy of the space you have to work with. 

Also pay attention to your own plans.  It's easy to get in the groove of sawing and fastening without really paying attention to what you're doing.  I made the mistake of turning the 2x4's ninety degrees.