Big Horn Sheep From Clock Parts





Introduction: Big Horn Sheep From Clock Parts

This all started when I was digging through a bag of accumulated clock parts the other day in search of a small screw.  I happened on a couple of small clock frames, and suddenly I was thinking, "Big Horn Sheep!"

Step 1: The Bag of Parts

I've accumulated a rather large bag of old clock parts over the years from clock mechanisms that were not repairable, and I always knew this bag would come in handy some day.  But little did I know that from this bag would come a big horn sheep.....

Step 2: Finding the Main Parts

I began by looking for a frame that could comprise the body of the sheep, and I happened to notice that I had several.  I selected the brass frame in the center of the first row (first photo) for the main part of the body and the triangular frame (at the rear of the first photo) for the head.

I drilled a couple of holes in the frame and attached the head using a small bolt and nut (2nd photo).  This became the base for the sculpture, and I simply began attaching parts from there.

Step 3: Completing the Animal

I used various gears for the "horns" and legs, and a piece of broken mainspring for the tail.  There was really no careful planning here -- I just kept digging through my bag of junk until I found parts that suited me.

This was an easy project (and a lot of fun), and I completed it in about an hour with nothing more than a drill, pliers, and a screwdriver.



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    This looks awesome! :) I love it!

    Thanks, Holly. It looked like a big horn sheep to me, but my wife thought it was a mouse....!

    Call me crazy, but I think it looks more like some kind of dog.