Introduction: Big Jenga With Space Theme

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Jenga is a fun game to play, and easy to make for a large party. Keep it cheap and easy by using 2x4s and spray paint:


  • (8) 8 ft lengths of 2x4
  • (1) Plastic drop cloth (if painting)
  • (1) Big sheet of thick paper (if painting with stencils)


  • (1) Chop, or other, saw
  • (1) Belt, or other, sander
  • Spray Paint (if painting)

Step 1: Buy Some 2x4s

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They’re pretty cheap and are easy to find. For a fairly tall game, I bought (8) 8 ft lengths for 69 pieces in total, or 23 layers of 3 pieces each and a game that starts around 3 ft tall.

Step 2: Cut and Sand

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Cut each piece to 10.5" long with the method of your choice. I recommend a chop saw.

Sand at least the edges of each piece to remove large burrs.

Don't forget to play a test game!

Step 3: (Optional) Paint the Ends of Each Piece.

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This goes pretty quickly if you lay them out standing tall, as in the first photo, and use spray paint. I recommend using a different color on each side.

Step 4: (Optional) Add Space Graphics to Each Piece

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Cut stencils of your favorite space shapes out of some thick paper. Apply to pieces with spray paint, ideally on both sides.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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You're done! You'll enjoy how frighteningly intense playing a Jenga game this large is once it starts growing.


Swansong (author)2017-07-25

That's adorable! I love the bright colors :) I need a black, red and green one for our Halloween games of Dread.

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